My LO is currently on enfamil newborn, but he has major gas pains. His pedi told us today that any formula we want to try would be nutritionally sound. What are some suggestions for something that would be more gentle for him? It's not a lactose intolerance that's causing him pain. He is 1 month.

Brittney T 0 likes

My son was on nutramagen for the longest time and that helped, he is on gerber good start gentle now. Both are amazing.

Chloe D 0 likes

He may be swallowing too much air while drinking from his bottle. I've had the same problem in the past.

Chelsea C 0 likes

I would try the good start formula, my baby loves it. I breast feed but if I have to leave him with his dad to do some running around or have a break that's the formula we use. Any other formula he won't take so I believe it's closer to breast milk then the rest.

The S 0 likes

My baby did the same and her pedi put her on Soy newborn Enfamil CONCENTRATED. I also bought Dr Brown bottles and used Gas drops and it's done wonders for her.

Kristina P 0 likes

My lo had the same problem with enfimal so I changed him Similac and he hasn't had any stomach problems since

Jen P 1 like

My daughter was the same way. We tried the gentle formula and it didn't work. So we switched her to soy formula. It worked great.

Mandy S 0 likes

He is using MAM anti-colic bottles, and has drops for some temporary relief.

Ruthie V 0 likes

I heard that the Gerber Soothe (purple can) was the best. You also might want to try the Gerber Soothe Colic drops (hard to find, but they're online). I use those with my daughter & she too is not colic but has lots of gas issues.

Kaitlin N 0 likes

I use gas relief drops. Even with mine being breastfed he still gets gas pains! The brand is little remedies and it works WONDERS!! He toots up a storm within 20 mins!

Chelsea S 0 likes

Gerber gentle and gerber soothe! Also the bottles have alot to do with it, i really love avent natural bottles!

Chelsea S 0 likes

Try to give him chamomile tea, or rice water! It'll help alot :)

Sarah B 0 likes

My daughter started on Enfamil newborn and had really bad gas as well. Her pedi told us to switch to Enfamil gentlease since its very similar, still has milk protein but broken down a bit more so its easier to digest. My LO made a seamless transition and it worked wonders!!

Diana D 0 likes

I gave my lo similac at first because that's what hospital started him on but then switched to enfamil infant I never used newborn but I also tried enfamil soy and found out it's very heavy... Heads up with soy his poop was hard...

Alexandra S 1 like

I started giving my LO Enfamil Gentlese to supplement breastfeeding. It's worked great for us so far. He's had less gas and overall fussiness

Kaitlyn E 1 like

My little guy is on emfamil gentalease

Coryn P 1 like

We used Enfamil Gentlease and it worked really well for my LO.

Kourtney G 0 likes

Similac (the isomil kind they have) worked wonders with my second child: my first used normal similac and my current baby is on enfamil (hospital switched and is the kind they use now)

Shrouk A 1 like

Try the purple enfamil worked great for my niece

Ellyn P 0 likes

Could it be a milk protein allergy?

Taylor R 0 likes

My babes is on goodstart with added probiotics and when she gets super gassy I use gripe water

Francine M 1 like

Enfamil gentlese worked for my son. Similac allimentum for my daughter. That is costly. And of course gas drop!

Mandy S 0 likes

I bought him some Gentlease tonight, and he seems to like it. Hopefully his belly isn't as upset with this... We'll definitely keep the gas drops and gripe water in hand tho... Thank you ladies for all your input!! 😄

Linda C 0 likes

Enfamil gentle ease, seems to be working for my baby boy

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