Best baby carrier? Looking at a moby but not sure if I'll like it. Any thoughts?

Eileen C 1 like

I have a moby and between my two kids only used it a couple times. I just never felt like it was very supportive

Shayna N 2 likes

I liked my moby for the newborn stage but not much after that.

Siannon M 1 like


Crystal H 1 like

Moby for brand new baby but I had my son during the hot month of September and the Moby just had too much heavy fabric plus the warm baby up against you was too hot. During winter months, that would probably be a great choice! I love love my BabyHawk though & would highly suggest that. It's pricey ($130-$150) but so sturdy & worth it!

Mommy T 1 like

I love my moby right now but he's getting to that stage where he wants to look around and he really can't.

J S 1 like

Moby at first, Ergo later.

Becca J 1 like

I love my Mai tai!!

Devyn D 1 like

I use the Happy Baby wrap, and I love it!! It's really supportive, and it's made from bamboo so it's all natural and pulls the heat away from the baby. I use it a lot and even at home when she wants to be held, but I need to get stuff done

Robin C 1 like

I got one from babies r us that's forward facing, reverse and you can put it on your back as we'll. I think it's evenflo. 32$ with a 20% off coupon! Goes up to 30 lbs I think.

Deborah T 4 likes

I used the baby Bjorn from infant on with both kids. And I attempted wraps and slings and ergo they were both only comfortable and happy in the baby bjorn. I suggest buying them at a consignment store so you don't have to pay top dollar to try out what works for you!

Crystal H 1 like

Try on as many as you can or need to in the stores. I bought like 6 different kinds and my LO just bawled her face off in them I ended up returning most and selling the ones I couldn't. I ended up with the ergo being the only one she didn't cry in. It's about what feels best for you and baby. And that might not always be what the best known ones are.

Jocelyn S 1 like

I have used baby bjorn with both of my kids and its easy to adjust and can hold the baby well without any issues or discomfort, I even had to used it while I was travelling across country by myself with my 3 year old toddler boy and my 1 yr old on the baby carrier😊😊😊 It helped me a lot through 7 hrs flight😊😊😊

Chely M 1 like

I love my Bebo! Baby can be carried in the front or back. Costs as much as an ergo but it is super comfortable for both you and the baby and has nothing between baby and you so it seems more specially made for bonding mommies or daddies! ;) I have carried my 9 month old back the. Thru out SF and didn't feel sore at all, it had great support for you both

M W 1 like

I'm using Infantino and love it. (Toys r us). Although over heard great things about Urgo (spelling?) Google and read reviews as well.

M W 2 likes

Carriers are like shoes, you have to try them on if possible. Google your city and see what stores sells carriers and see if your able to try them on. Carriers aren't cheap so you don't want to waste your money. If you can't try them out then ask when purchasing what the stores exchange/return policy is.

April J 1 like

I have 2 I wear a 4yr old and 2yr old... So I have many many carriers.. For newborns the best is a Stretchy wrap or a RingSling, For bigger & Older ones You want a Ergo or a Boba 3G With both Ergo & the Boba 3G you can use for an Infant as well Ergo you have to buy a separate insert you can sell later.. Boba 3G comes with a snap down rise for a Infant nothing to buy extra and Boba's fit toddlers really well.... Look for Babywearing groups on Facebook & check Craigslist

Sarah R 1 like

Love my Ergo! I can carry back or front. I use the front for my 11 month old and back for my 2 year, it's honestly not uncomfortable.

Caroline W 1 like

Boba 4G. Like the Ergo, comes up a bit higher and doesn't have that bulky infant insert. Holds up to 45 pounds. Infant cushion and stirrups are included. Also has a pocket that can hold phone, cash, key.

Fergie B 1 like

Don't buy the Moby it's such a pain to use you almost need an extra set of hands to get it on right. I like the K'Tan for small babies it's like a wrap but made if two loops very easy to use and the baby is securely held onto you. I like the Boba or the Ergo for a structures carrier. Both are similar the Boba is a bit more expensive but has more options and will better for newbies than the Ergo!

Stephanie S 1 like

I love my snugli front an back!! Very easy. He always seems comfortable too

Jackie P 0 likes

Thanks you all for your suggestions I'm going to Look into all the brands mentioned.

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