Best baby carrier. Any ideas on best baby carrier brands and where did you purchase yours?

Crystal C 1 like

Baby bjorn is good. I also have a infantimo and its okay. Started to hurt my back once she got bigger though

Caitlyn S 1 like

I love my baby k tan

Julie H 0 likes

We have the ergo baby with the infant insert. It's quite comfortable. Amazon is the cheapest.

Haley B 0 likes

Love my Ergo! Purchased at toysrus

Michele B 0 likes

I'm a fan of the boba wrap :)

Q M 0 likes


Perfectly M 0 likes

I like any natural kind. The sling ones where baby is wrapped against ya. I find them online for super cheap with coupons and deals, I usually prefer baby Bjorn.

K C 1 like

We have a Moby Wrap and an Ergobaby carrier. I like the Moby Wrap for when I'm at home by myself because I can tie it around me and put my son in it by myself (I watched a YouTube video the first time because it is so long that it can seem overwhelming). My husband and I both use the Ergobaby carrier out in public and like that one just as much.

Sara M 0 likes

Ergo! Ordered it from bed bath and beyond.

Clare L 1 like

I love both the Ergo and the Moby. They are definitely my favorite baby presents that I received and that I now give :)

E B 1 like

We bought an Ergo and a Baby K'tan. My favorite is the K'tan. You can get the best prices for new and used at eBay. Otherwise, try Amazon.

Marianne M 1 like

I used a few different ones I really liked. K'tan in and around the house for getting things done or just relaxing. Baby Bjorn for outings, walks, trips to the store, etc. I miss those days :-( Buy buy baby (you can use 20% off coupon from bed bath and beyond) or Babies-r-Us. (Always a coupon available)

Laura Z 0 likes

We have a moby wrap and a sling. Love them both!!

Sarina W 0 likes

Ergo or Moby from target Tula from Tula wraps or sweet baby wraps Woven wraps: numerous places. Little frog, Lenny lamb, didymos.... Ring sling: from maya wrap Depends on the type of carrier you would like. Do you want to carry on front, back, hip? A wrap you can do all in? Check out your local Babywearing chapter and see if you can borrow from the lending library to see what works best for you. I use different wraps, carriers etc depending on my mood and ds's.

Alix P 0 likes

I used the Moby wrap and really liked it at first. The only thing I had against it was that it was bulky to carry around when I wasn't using it and it would loosen the longer I had my LO in it and I would have to readjust. As he got older I started using a baby bjorn and I absolutely love it. He is 6 months now and it's Easy to get the baby in and out on my own and easy to stow away when not using it. Hope you find one you like!

Stacy Y 1 like

I have a Moby wrap that was great when my LO was a newborn, kept him tucked up against my body, invested in a ring sling for easy in and out since rewrapping the Moby in NYC was hard and also got an Ergo since he now likes to ride piggyback when I walk the dogs. Got them all from different baby wearing groups I joined in FB. Many mammas want to pass along carriers they no longer use or don't find work for them. Check out Baby Wearing on a Budget on FB. They are awesome!

BoyMom 0 likes

Ergo ergo ergo!!! I've hikes miles in mine now and I still love it. My LO is comfy and cozy snuggled up with mom and I know he's in a safe position for his hips and back. I use it all.the.time.

Jen J 0 likes

I love the ergo. It's super easy to use.

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