Has anyone ever heard of having a cup of beer a day to increase breast milk production

Diannah D 4 likes

I have but I think it needs to be a dark beer like a stout.

Jaclyn R 1 like

Yup I heard that and with my cousin it worked

Nadine B 1 like

Yes McMaster university uses it to increase lactation in new moms

Frankie C 1 like

Yes something in the beer that creates more milk. The same ingredient is also found in nonalcoholic beer.

⭐️ Asia ⭐️ K 1 like

I have never heard that b4! I guess I d be a bit scared of that wouldn't harm the baby

Nikki 1 like

Guinness...it's the yeast. I just put Brewers yeast in my oatmeal, smoothies and lactation cookies.

Brittany L 1 like

Yes! I did it! It's the yeast in the beer that helps production. They say dark beers are better but I drank miller light or yueling lauger once a day. I didn't finish it either and noticed a difference in 3 days

Hope P 1 like

My midwife said it was fine - if you can drive you can nurse

Anonymous 2 likes

Or just barley if you want to avoid the alcohol on it . Barley is the ingredient that increases the milk supply .Same with oatmeal.

Chantal L 2 likes


Lori A 1 like

I agree that it had to be a dark ale beer, not coors or Budweiser.

Marianne M 1 like

A lot of stouts are oatmeal based, so you're just drinking your grains. Prob better to have oatmeal for breakfast ;-)

ChasAnn M 1 like

There's Brewers Yeast in it and that's what makes it increase breastmilk. You can buy it separately and make lactation cookies(Google lactation cookie recipes). That's what I did. I do also eat a lot of oats, cranberry, and stay hydrated with water. If your trying to increase your production also exercising and getting enough sleep are very helpful with production. Hope this helps

Stacy 1 like

Guinness has great stuff in it too

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