Do you think it's disrespectful when people attend baby showers but don't bring a gift ?

Brittany 5 likes

No, that's not disrespectful at all. They probably didn't have the money.

Austin❤️Liam’s M 2 likes

Yes besides that it's also rude. How can people come to your baby shower without a gift. It's not right

Kara S 3 likes

Yes, because I think the premise behind it is to 'shower' the Mommy-To-Be with things she'll need for the new addition. Now... If the person couldn't afford a gift something small like offering to babysit is still nice - especially, if you put it together in a cute way with like a fun poem or something.

C B 4 likes

I think it depends. I know a friend of mine was having some money issues and she felt bad not bringing a gift to my shower. I just wanted her to be there so I didn't think it was rude. But if they just don't want to bring a gift, then it may be a little rude.

Sophia 6 likes

Not disrespectful, but not appropriate. If I don't have the money to not even buy a small present or maybe offer to help I wouldn't go, but that just me.

Brianna f 5 likes

They're in it for the free food!😉

Toddler M 2 likes

A friend of mine threw my baby shower and invited women i didn't even know, they never came to say anything either. They just ate and hung around while presents were being opened and left 😁weird 😕

Kara P 3 likes

Keep in mind the gift might be coming at a later date (back order, online ordering issues etc) I would not assume the person is not giving a gift just yet.

Katelyn❤️ E 3 likes

No I don't mind not everyone has money all the time and they might give something later, as long as they were there with me I'm okay with it

Mama J 1 like

No, they might not have money. I'd be happy they took time out their day to attend and support me 😊 If they just eat and then leave... That's rude.

Cindy H 4 likes

Yes At least bring a card lol

Sydney E 2 likes

I think it can be. I had Jane and jack shower and a lot of my husbands friends just didn't know what to buy so we said diapers for beer!

Mr. And Mrs. C 2 likes

Yes. Thats what a baby shower is for.

Gunner Danger's M 7 likes

No. It's to celebrate the pregnancy and up coming addition to the family. Not just a way to get gifts. I didn't mind the people that didn't bring gift to my shower or my wedding. I was just glad that I was important enough for them to take time out of their lives to celebrate with me.

Out N 2 likes

It depends who it is. I have a older cousin and when me and my mom (I was only 16) attendee her shower we did a convertable car seat I felt bad and brought a couple of outfits with my own money. A couple years later when I had my shower her parents gave me a teething rings and spoons from a dollar store and she wrote her name on the outside of the sealed card. Since they are family I know there financial situation

C M 2 likes

I'm in this boat right now. I barely have gas money to go to two different baby showers for family members. One I can't go to bc it's 3 hours away but I will go to the other bc it's local. I feel horrible that I can't afford gifts, but it's how it is. I will get something later when I can afford it. And, NO, I'm certainly NOT in it for the food!

Katelyn❤️ E 2 likes

I agree with gunner ^ baby shower isn't for gifts it's to celebrate a new baby coming into the family the gifts are just a plus

Priscilla A 2 likes

I agree going to a baby shower are bday party with no gifts is kind of rude. I would stay home if I could not bring a gift but that's just me. But one of my sons best friends does not have a lot of money he lives with his grandma single mom and sisters so I know he can't afford to buy a gift so does my son we make sure he comes to the party so in that case it depends who it is are what that person means to you.

K. K 3 likes

I think it is disrespectful. It doesn't always have to be about money. I mean how hard is it to go to a thrift store and pick out an outfit? Ya know. Who cares if it's used? Babies grow wayyyyy too fast to buy brand new outfits lol.

Jacque F 1 like

Everyone at my shower showed up without a gift except my mil.. It kinda sucks due to the party being about preparing for the baby not to just have free food and hangout:/

BoyMom 4 likes

When I threw my sister's baby shower a cousin showed up without RSVPing, brought a friend that I didn't know, and didn't bring a gift. That pissed me off. I personally would never show up to a baby shower without a gift, if I couldn't afford one I wouldn't go

Felisha L 3 likes

I think if your invited to an event it would be nice to bring something for the mother or baby out of respect, that's my take on it. If someone doesn't have the money there are other ways of giving something like maybe make a small recipe book of healthy things for mom to eat, etc. they can get crafty

Deleted A 3 likes

It's nice to bring a gift but if you aren't able to I would send one when the baby is born! At least bring a card!!

Gaby G 2 likes

They should have at least congratulated you. And I would take a gift even a small one.


Not really disrespectful more like not appropriate. The person took the time to invite you. They are feeding you / entertaining you. The least you can do is get a gift. Doesn't have to be fancy just something to bring. Did someone not give you a gift ?! 😖

Samantha R 2 likes

I think it depends on the situation, not everyone I invited to mine could afford anything but they did small things like being snacks or drinks

Chantelle G 2 likes

I find it weird, I've also been to birthday parties (kids) and people didn't bring anything!!! They came and ate, brought their kids and played games... But have nothing and didn't even say anything about it!!!

Mommy To T 1 like

Id have mixed feelings. I feel like if they're gonna come they could spend a few dollars on a onesie or something.

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