Baby girl nursery ideas? Colors / themes

Kim L 1 like

I did pink and bright green

Car P 2 likes

Grey and pink no theme just modern

Rebeka R 1 like

I used peach and grey in my babygirls room so cute with trees and owls:)

Kirbie D 1 like

I'm doing rainbow, Grey with elephants ;))

Joy D 1 like

We did 2 tone teal. Like Tiffany box colors and pink accents. It's girly but not the obvious pink walls. There's also some sherbet orange accents. I love bright colors they make my happy. Wish we could post photos in comments so u could see! šŸ˜©

Angela D 0 likes

I love the pink and grey with grey elephants! Super cute

Kayla L 0 likes

I love the pink and grey

Linsi M 0 likes

We did pink & gray with ballerinas.

L M 0 likes

I did coral & mint green with some gold accents šŸ˜Š

Brandis G 0 likes

I also love pink & grey cause that's the color scheme we have in my daughter's room! Her walls are pink and her bedding is grey & white chevron (Target.) She also has a big wall hanging that has flowers that are different shades of pink with a grey & white chevron background (Hobby Lobby).

Kade's M 0 likes

i wanted to do pink & grey but it didnt pan out for some reason, so i did pink & green! i love it!! šŸ˜Š

Angie . 0 likes

Pink and grey or pink and green!! That's what I was leaning towards! Popular choices!!

Jennifer G 2 likes

I liked teal, gray and purple

Xtina P 1 like

Yellow and grey or grey and pink or grey and lavender

Laura H 1 like

Pink and purple for colors and owls for the theme

Paola O 1 like

I did 2 shades of purple and a touch of dark brown. Butterflies n flowers

Angie . 0 likes

Teal grey and purple!!! Love that!

Angie . 0 likes

Anyone want to come decorate for us?!?

Angie . 0 likes

Husband voted and looks like lavender mint with a little grey

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