Would love some advice! :) We are expecting our 2nd baby and I would love to have a gender reveal party for friends and family! We were previously in the military and after our first had to get rid of almost all of our baby stuff, so really starting from scratch! I wasn't going to register anywhere but also wasn't going to add "please no gifts" I don't care if a few were to bring diapers, etc.. Being a gender reveal I didn't know if many would bring gifts anyways. Would this be tacky?? :/

Stasia M 2 likes

Maybe put in the invite please feel free to bring diapers if you think it's a girl and wipes if you think it's a boy, make it fun, and if you want write a small pack of diapers/wipes.

Natalie M 1 like

I think your idea of a gender reveal party is great. Even if you do not state you are registered most of your close friends and family will know you had to get rid of all your baby stuff and will most likely bring gifts!

Erica W 0 likes

Consider having the gender reveal first & maybe a few weeks later a "small get together" & suggest diapers & other essentials. That's what we did for baby #2 & we actually had a much better turn out than expected. But, if your guest are bringing diapers & everyday baby needs than they really don't have to be gender specific. So no, not tacky ! Lol good luck !

Jennifer R 1 like

Most don't to a gender reveal. If you need baby gear I would have a shower. I did both and it was great.

Stasia M 0 likes

I would do a shower as well for sure, if your weren't planning on a shower maybe make it into both if you don't mind stuff being gender neutral!

S T 2 likes

I'd register somewhere if for nothing else than the coupons you get toward the end. Plus there is always someone that asks if you are registered somewhere. Then you can tell them. On the invite, it's only tacky if you put that you are registered somewhere or really mention gifts at all (so there's no need to say no gifts please). If someone wants to bring a gift, they will anyway regardless of what you say. Have fun and enjoy celebrating this new baby with everyone! Congrats!

Heather S 1 like

You could always do gifts are optional, or ask just for diapers. Although I don't see why you wouldn't do another baby shower. Nothing wrong with it especially if you're starting from scratch.

Chelsea R 1 like

Gender reveal parties are so fun and cute! :) but I've never seen anyone bring gifts :/ my inlaws had a barbecue party/ celebrate baby party and then people brought gifts. Very casual event yet you get gifts :)

Fergie B 1 like

Just don't say anything people will bring gifts if they want to... We went to a gender real party a couple months ago and they got so much stuff :) I always bring diapers and wipes I also usually add in little extras of things I can't live with out especially for first time moms :)

Bridget P 0 likes

Tell them it's a gender reveal and baby shower to come later

Rachel B 1 like

Gender reveal party's are so great! If I lived In the same province as my family I would have done one myself! I love the blue or pink cake under the white icing idea where you cut the cake and it reveals the gender! I would love to do that for the next one! You should totally have two parties!!! Your preggo, you deserve parties!!! You could even do one invitation with two dates and specify that gifts are welcome at the baby shower! That way you don't have to send out two invitations :-)

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