My sons 4 months and is going to be a Raccoon for Halloween. What is your baby going to dress up as?

Sarina W 1 like

DS is going to be an ewok. Hubby pick. :/. Haven't put costume on him yet so we will see.

Joy V 1 like

My son is 4 months too, and he's going to be mickey mouse. Lol

Trena T 2 likes

My youngest (20weeks old) is going to be Tigger, and my oldest(3years old) is going to a dinosaur..

Amanda H 1 like

Not sure yet but your baby is super cute

Shallan J 1 like

We are doing a monster inc theme! Boo and sully! :)

MAMA B 1 like

My son is going as a pumpkin and my dd is a princess just like every other year happy halloween

Bethany W 1 like

So frickin cute. Mine will be a bear. We have bear hats to be The Three Bears.

Christina D 1 like

Well we bought our LO a Cookie Monster costume but it was too small! We bought him a 2+ being that he wears 2t. Now I need to go find another one.

Mother Of A 2 likes

CUTE!!!!! My 3 month old and 6 year old will be ninja husband and I are thinking about joining in on it too =)

Ashley M 1 like

My oldest is going to be a lion so cute and my little one is goin to be an elephant

Jessica S 1 like

My daughter will be a bumble bee it allows her to still be on her medical equipment so not a lot of options

Brindley M 1 like

My 3 yo is going to be the little mermaid, my 3 mo is going to be a pumpkin.

Em A 1 like

My 8yr stepson is going to be a football player. My 3 month old is going to be a biker.

Meagan W 1 like

My DD is 3 mo and she's gonna be Minnie Mouse as she can't get enough of Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Next year maybe Winnie the Pooh. She loves that too. Haha

Guadalupe V 1 like

He's too cute. My son is going to be a cowboy

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