My son was circumcised at birth with no complications and normal healing. He is 6 months old now and sometimes his penis looks as if he is not circumcised. When you pull in down, it looks normal, but I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else?? Did they not do the procedure correctly or does he have to "grow into it" ?? Please keep all comments regarding opinion on the procedure to yourself. Thanks :-)

Kristina K 0 likes

My son had the same thing. At certain points it even looked like it was "stuck" together. I had to use Vaseline a lot. It is completely normal though

Melanie M 0 likes

I don't remember my sons looking like that I would have a doctor look at it the next apt

Chelsey H 0 likes

My older son had the procedure at birth but they didn't tell us about the skin adhesing to the head. You have to pull the skin apart to make sure they separate. Not sure if that's what you meant is careful if it is, very painful for baby, dr should pull apart the first time.

Guadalupe V 0 likes

I've assisted the doctors at work in a few of those procedures and know you tell the difference right way it shouldn't look like that

Wallaby M 1 like

My son ( who was quite a chubby baby) had a little fat as at the base of his peepee and it pushed most of the penile skin forward. He developed some adhesions which painfully tore on their own once he started growing. But every time I asked the drs they assured me it was all normal. And now at 4 years old everything is fine.

Aprilbaby 0 likes

I would ask pediatrician to check it. Could have penile adhesions. Basically the skin heals back to the head sometimes. Sometimes it's mild and the doc can give a cream to cause it to loosen. Sometimes they can pull it and separate it. And sometimes yes it does require a second procedure to get fixed or redone. My LO had it mildly at 2 months but we caught it quick enough and the doc lightly pulled it back apart. A week of A&D when changing him and all better. A friend had to have the procedure

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Redone on her little boy. While sucks he did okay and is fine now. Definitely ask the doc sooner than later to avoid procedure if possible if it is adhesion.

Ryan B 0 likes

I agree with the above post, my son was chubby and had this issue I thought he would need another one done. We took him in and the doctor said it was perfectly fine, and once he grew a little and became more active he would thin out and that wouldn't happen anymore :) hope this helped!

Tiffany W 0 likes

My sons skin does that and the doctor said its normal. I was even pulling the skin back and she said not to do that. That it wasn't necessary. My dad said it looks normal too.

Kristin . 0 likes

It's probably just the baby chub:) make sure u pull it back with every bath to make sure it's getting cleaned properly and to make sure it doesn't start to connect the skin. With proper cleaning I'm sure it will be just fine. Talk to a dr it will make u feel much better

Amanda W 0 likes

This happens to my 6 month old son. At his 2 month appointment the doctor had to pull his foreskin back because it had adhered. It was red afterwards, but healed quickly. Every once in awhile it looks as though he wasn't circumcised. My son's doctor told me to roll the skin back as far as I can (so the entire end of his penis is exposed) with each diaper change, and apply Vaseline to keep it from sticking again. We haven't had trouble since then. Good luck mama!

Mrs. M 0 likes

After waiting for our son to turn one, to see if things would improve. It was recommended by his pedi to see a pediatric urologist because dr. (My OB) did not cut enough skin off when the initial circumcision was done. When urologist saw it he said they left too much skin (could not see tip only if pulling back) and urologist did the entire procedure over a few months later. You should have it looked at by dr.

Katherine B 0 likes

You should not be pulling their foreskin back in order to clean it. Retraction can cause infection and tearing. Until around 2 years of she you should leave it the heck alone. After a couple years you can clean the tip slightly for any built up anegna but you shouldn't be pulling their fore skin back. Research how to clean your child's penis no matter the procedures

Jessica B 0 likes Here's a good article about it, I'd recommend mentioning it to your doc but based on what I've read I'm trying not to stress too much about it as I noticed it on my lo too.

MAMA B 0 likes

I would go to a doctor my sons never looked like that and just a suggestion you should never pull down there for skin it can cause damages!!! Good luck

Mommie D 0 likes

My sons looks the same way! I always pull it back a bit when I bathe him to clean it properly... But wen I asked my doctor she said it was fine idk y this happens

Natalie G 0 likes

I've never experienced this with my boys but I do remember my doctor always telling me they can not ensure how it will look. But mama knows best. I would definitely mention it to the doctor.

Laura W 1 like

Ok I shall clear this one up for all of you. I am a surgical assistant who works in labor and delivery. Like every other part of your babies body his penis will grow. If they trim all the skin off there will be allowance for growth. As your boy gets older it will look better. Each day just pull back the extra skin so that adhesions don't happen (only do this after the circumcision has healed). It's not common but can happen where the circumcision need to be redone again it's not common.

Laura W 0 likes

Your pediatrician should be checking this circumcision at babies 2week and again at the 2 and 4 month of it looks ok and he or she doesn't say anything then it's probably fine and nothing to worry about. If your concerned then bring it up. It is a very easy very fast surgery if there is a problem.

Laura W 1 like

Oh and even with the extra skin it should not completely cover the tip. If that's the case the it is a possibility that a revision needs to be done.

Teri L 0 likes

My ds also has some extra skin and at times it looks like it penile adhesions. I pull it back with every diaper change and clean it. I also let it air dry a little or use a little baby powder to keep it a little dryer in between changes sometimes. Like moms said just keep pulling it back

Sara 1 like

I use cloth diapers and my son sometimes has what sounds like the same thing. Almost looks like the skin has just been pulled down some where it's in contact with the diaper. Being moist makes it stick. I just make sure I clean well with every change and he's fine. Definitely check with your ped if you think it looks abnormal.

Nikki D 0 likes

No, his never "sticks together" or needs to be pulled apart per say. But we do have to pull the skin down to clean. It just sometimes, looks like there isn't even a head- just skin. I'm sure it is fine- but wanted to see if This happened to any one Else's kiddos!

Nikki D 0 likes

He has also had a diaper rash/yeast infection up under the skin. Which is from it always being moist and closed off.

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