So, prepping all my baby clothes- detergent wise are babies really that sensitive? What do you guys use?

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I used dreft the all natural one and it worked perfect !

JVP 4 likes

All clear! Draft is nice but the price is a joke!

K B 1 like

I used tide free and gentle for her clothes. But she is now 12 wks and I ran out of it so I just use what I use to wash mine in (gain) and she is fine!


Some have sensitive skin and some don't. I have to use All free and clear but I also have sensitive skin and my SO has escema. I use shout to spray on the stains.

Lex 1 like

Dreft! Free and clear has an awful smell to it.

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Dreft really is great, I even wash some of my delicates along with my baby's clothes, but yes the price is ridiculous. It's just safe to use in case your baby is allergic or gets irritated from regular detergent. Not all moms use it though but I have been just in case

Null N 1 like

I use purex oxiclean. It doesn't bother her skin at all and it gets poop and milk stands out. My hubby doesn't make that much money and we can't buy extra baby detergent. I think it a waste of money but that's my opinion! Unless the baby is allergic to the detergent.

Ashley S 0 likes

I use All free and clear. Much less expensive and works great!

Caitlin L 0 likes

I use Purex baby! It's the same thing as draft but I buy it for only $3 at my local grocery store (market basket) my son has sever sensitive skin and it does not bother him at all

Erin C 1 like

I just use regular old tide. We've never had a problem. It's the same thing my sister uses for her baby also, and she does have sensitive skin.

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We have always just used the same as what we wash ours in with no problems! We generally use Tide.

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Hypoallergenic tide. Once she was born and we knew she had no sensitivity we just washed with out clothes with tide pods.

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I started out using dreft and have always washed her clothes separate from mine and hubby's. Ran out of dreft and used regular tide and still wash hers separate from ours and she has done fine.

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Tide Free and Clear. My LOs are sensitive so I do a second rinse too just to be safe.

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I just use what ever is on sale and I use to separate the clothes but not anymore. I just figured if I saw reactions then I would worry about it.

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I used a bottle of Dreft that someone gave me, but I never bought another one. We used ALL free & clear on everyone's clothes for awhile, but now I use ALL fresh & sensitive because I like the scent. I still wash my baby's clothes separate from mine & my husbands because I don't like them all getting tangled, but I use the same detergent on everything.

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I just changed the detergent I use for everything to tide free and clear and she's done great with it. They also make an oxiclean free and clear you can use to soak poopy clothes or spit up rags in that works really well.

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