My LO has baby acne so bad to the point where I'm unsure if it's also turning into a rash on her face. Some spots are big patches of red crustiness :( most moms say don't worry about it but it looks terrible. Her nose has started to also sound congested. She's 6 weeks tomorrow. Any suggestions??

Carlye M 1 like

My 8 week old had the same thing when she was about 5-6 weeks. It was horrible! It's just starting to clear up now. I have just been washing her face with water and cotton ball once a day. It's their skin getting used to the dryness and also could be because of the hormones from when you were pregnant.

Tamara W 1 like

I used baby aveeno eczema cream and it worked within two days!

Larissa A 1 like

We bathed Charmayne in oat meal when she was like this. And also used th aveeno lotion

Gabriela T 2 likes

Ok I've been dealing with diaper thrush so I don't know if this applies but just in case I'm gonna throw it out there. After so much research, I've come to the conclusion that a lot of our problems have to do with sugar. If you are breast feeding your baby, perhaps you should stop eating anything that contains high amounts of sugar so that you don't pass it in your milk and this may help with the congestion too. Maybe switch to a formula that doesn't list sugar as a top ingredient.

Jessica W 2 likes

My ped had me use cetaphil wash daily and hydrocortisone cream 1% twice daily. Face cleared up in a week

Amy H 0 likes

My daughter is 7 weeks and I'm going through the same thing! My son never had this baby acne. She is just getting over it on her face and has a dry patch on her cheek. And she has the acne on her neck too. And to top it off she just got a nasty diaper rash. It will pass!!

Amy H 0 likes

And my daughter sounds congested!! And I can see dried snot in her nose. I think it's all just normal baby stuff!

Ash R 1 like

Could be Thrush. Get an over the counter cream for yeast - Nyaderm - or Monistat. Goes away about the next day after a couple applications!

J S 3 likes

Apply breast milk and/ or coconut oil.

Alyssa B 0 likes

I know this sounds strange but another mom suggested head and shoulders shampoo (original) to me. My daughter had acne really bad as a newborn. I put some on a wash cloth, wiped it on and then washed it off with the cloth. The difference after only doing it a few times was Amazing. Just be careful around the eyes and mouth. :)

Beka C 0 likes

Our pediatrician told us to use "selsun blue medicated shampoo" Leave it on the affected area during bath for 5 minutes or so (like a facial mask) and wipe away with washcloth. Cleared up right away, just be sure to keep it out of baby's eyes. 😊

Gabriela T 0 likes

This dry patch, is it circular? Or does it have a visible ring around it?

Amy H 0 likes

No ring!! Just a tiny spot where I think acne I'd clearing up. The diaper rash is the bad part. Using nystatin but not seeing it clear up. Thinking might be reaction to the cloth diapers for some reason.

Gabriela T 0 likes

Try this cream for the diaper rash and skin. I know it doesn't say that it's for diaper rash but it really seemed to help with the skin and diaper rash. It also didn't burn her skin which most creams do. You can find it at Whole Foods, Sprouts or and any health food stores. It's important you get the Weleda "Calendula baby cream" you can see right away that there's something different in this cream bc it keeps their skin soft.

Allie V 0 likes

That looks a lot like drool rash to me I could be wrong. We use nyastatin (sp).

Lauren @ 0 likes

A bit of hydrocortisone cream helped my little one's clear up.

Ciara B 1 like

Have u tried changing laundry detergent? And/or baby soap? I'm switching to Honest Products! Google them and check them out :) It was created by Jessica Alba. They sell everything from laundry detergent, soap, wipes, diapers, baby lotions/lotions, dish soap, etc... Not to mention everything is organic, no sulfates/dyes/chemicals, etc. Hope this helps, Ciara

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