Baby acne or eczema? Was told baby acne but the way it flares up and looks dry at times I'm leaning towards eczema..experienced Mommies what do you think?

Ashley H 0 likes

Looks like eczema. My nephew had the same thing and doctor said it was eczema. Hope this helps.

Jen T 0 likes

Looks almost like a rash my youngest gets on extra drooly days. Is she an excessive drooler? I know it sounds silly but my youngest gets a rash like that around her mouth and sometimes her cheeks if she sleeps on wet sheets

Breezy M 0 likes

Acne .. My son is Mexican and is five and still has it. They said it was something his dad have to him.

Aja M 0 likes

I'm having a hard time telling from the picture. But my son has had eczema since he was born and it's now controlled with prescribed medication. Does ur baby have it anywhere else or just on their checks? I know when my son was a newborn it started on his checks so it's definitely a possibility. I would bring ur baby to the doctor bcuz if it's not acne they can prescribe the right percent of hydrocotizone for the eczema. Unless u heard it was acne from the doctor?

Lizzy B 0 likes

Probably rash from detergent or someone kisses or touches him.

Tatjana A 0 likes

It's baby acne and probably a heat rash. A great cream to get is by the Brand California I find mine at target. It has to be the best cream ever and although I get it for my kiddo I end up using it too! Also anything with dyes and perfume can irritate or be the cause, it's 100% not eczema.

Cynthia C 0 likes

Looks like it's chafed.... Have you tried aquaphor ?

Kim G 0 likes

Thanks everyone! I will check with her pediatrician at her next's just strange because one day it's there and she wakes up and it's gone..but it does appear to be dry and it is only on her response to the drooling ..she is a messy eater lol she is exclusively breastfed and always drools while eating..maybe this is from the breastmilk?

Lauren @ 1 like

My youngest got that on his face all the time. I'm guessing it was milk rash from nursing. A bit of hydrocortisone cream a couple times a day helped a ton.

Jayna Rissa C 1 like

It does look like eczema. Try hydrocortisone cream. And also aquafor to prevent it from drying

Tammy H 0 likes

Was the baby overdue? Does he cry a lot? Does the rash feel dry?

Elise H 0 likes

Looks like eczema

Leslie D 1 like

Could be eczema or cradle cap. Might not hurt to have it checked or try the aveno eczema lotion. It's amazing. My kids skin has been amazing since using it.

Kim G 1 like

She was born at 39 weeks and is very happy and easy feels dry and a little bumoy

Gem N 1 like

My daughter had the same thing. It sounds weird but I swear it works....put the breast feeding nipple cream on his face. It's not harmful if the some how lick it or touch it and it helped with the dryness. Good luck ☺️

Kristia R 1 like

Looks like eczema to me. A friend of mine shared her strategy with me and it works for my son: put Triple Cream on the spot and then coat it with Vaseline while she sleeps. Works like a charm :)

Brittney P 1 like

My son had the exact same thing on both cheeks. It was a lot worse but I used a little bit of aquaphor and went away within a week!

Beth C 1 like

Could be atopic dermintites... Which is a form of eczema... Both my babies have it! (5&2) one doc tried to tell me it was "baby acne". It was worse on my oldest it started on his checks & chin then eventually covered most of his face before I got someone to really pay attintion! Check in the bend of her knees & arms.. That's 2 "hot spots" for it. This may sound strange but as soon as I would get him outta the tub I would lay him on a towel and cover him head to toe in vasiline! HELPED ALOT!

Tammy H 0 likes

Have you heard of Aveno products? It's for sensitive skin and they have soaps and eczema cream.

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