At what point Would you take your 7week old to the er for being sick? My daughter is getting over a cold with a nasty cough and unfortunately my baby is sick now.

Amanda O 0 likes

What is her temp??

Amanda O 0 likes

If it's 100 or over I'd go to Er, otherwise I'd call the pediatrician first.

Steph M 1 like

Amanda O it's normal right now 98.4

Brandi T 1 like

I'd call pediatrician not the ED

Bri 1 like

If the baby is having trouble breathing or coughing you call pedi they will get you in right away.

Out N 1 like

If having trouble breathing even after nose is cleared. Or very high temp and if dr office isn't open. I would always bring to regular doctor first unless life thretening or dr cant fit you in

Thalias Mommy 0 likes

Only if baby has a high fever or difficulty breathing as there isn't much they can do at that stage

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