At what age should I transition my daughter to a toddler bed?

Heather G 0 likes

I think 2 is a good age but every child is different so you may can do it earlier.

Desirae C 0 likes

And how?

Becky T 0 likes

I converted my sons crib when he was about 1 1/2. Then for his second birthday bought him a "big boy" bed and just used the flip down side rail.

Nataliya L 0 likes

I put my son to the toddler bad as soon as he turned 2 years old and he has been doing great! He is crazy about trains, so I got him the whole bedding in train theme and he is loving it!!!

Sarah W 0 likes

My friends & family told me to skip the toddler bed. They said I might as well invest my money into a twin since they grow out of toddler beds so fast. I bought my 2 yr old a bed rail & some foam steps so she can get in & out of bed if she needs to.

Ka P 0 likes

I was so scared to put my son in a toodler bed but I put him in one at 1 1/2 years old but I put the rail that babies/toys r us sales so he wouldn't fall

Christie L 1 like

I did it at 2.5 years old. I just knew hs was ready, so I think it also depends on your little one

Amy H 1 like

When they are ready! Don't push it too early. Talk to them about it and figure out when they are interested.

Lindsay P 1 like

Every munchkin is different. You will know when they are ready. My daughter started walking at 7 months. My husband and I decided to transition her to a toddler bed at 9 months because she has climbing out of her crib. We wanted her to be safe and closer to the floor. Our three month old is following in her big sisters footsteps lol. Evidentially we have monkeys for baby's 🙊

Carlyn N 0 likes

Do a trial run. For my oldest I had an older crib that came with a side rail that made it so I could turn it into an instant toddler bed. After being in that for a couple of nights or longer depending on how comfortable, he was ready to get rid of the crib all together and go to a regular toddler bed. Good luck!

Gisselle R 0 likes

My kids were 2 years old when I did it I went shopping with them and I let them choose everything for their room so they were so excited about sleeping in their room. Make it fun for them

Megan H 0 likes

I did at 1.5 but she was red y'all depends in mother and baby and how comfy you are.

Rose L 0 likes

I did at 1 years old and she loves her bed I like her help me put it together so she knows she a big girl now!! Good luck

Jodie K 0 likes

I did it on her second birthday

Brittainy M 1 like

I did it at 1.5. Once she could attempt to climb out it was time to move on haha

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