At what age is SIDS no longer a concern? I read a terrifying article today that has scared me out of ever napping with my daughter again. 😖

Amber E 2 likes

4 months old

Brit 3 likes

I hate reading articles about stuff like that! I read one about how boppy pillows can cause infant deaths from asphyxiation and now I'm a freak about LO's head/neck position always /also curious about the SIDS question though, way too big of a concern in my mind but I can't help it! agh!

Kaytee Jo 1 like

The article I read said her 5 month old died of SIDS which is why I'm concerned and confused about age. It said that 150,000 deaths by SIDS happen in the US per year and that they are almost all preventable. The lady in the article I was reading was just napping with her son and her boyfriend woke her up and he had passed away. So terrifying.

Amy S 8 likes

A year the risk goes way down

Melissa S 1 like

Between 1-4 months....but SIDS is still the leading cause of death for babies between the ages of 1 and 12 months. I bought the Snuza go baby movement monitor. It was $90, but totally helped to destress me!!

Kaytee Jo 2 likes

Thanks Amy!

Earlonda S 0 likes

Babies can die from sids up to a year especially if they were preemie. Oldest I've heard of dying from sids was 7 months old. The risk is greatest in the first few months.

Mary R 2 likes

Other articles that I've read said that Though yes babies have died from suffocation most actually die from SIDS which is un-preventable.. It has to do with how the baby's respiratory development is. All look and see if I can find the articles.

Kaytee Jo 2 likes

Yes please Mary!

Kaytee Jo 0 likes

This is the one I read:

Kaytee Jo 1 like

Oh I think I read it wrong. Not 150,000 a year. Sorry ladies!

Katelyn❤️ E 1 like

My friends friends baby died from sids at 10 months old. So I'm thinking a year

Kaytee Jo 1 like

Aw Daniela! That's so terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that 😢

Katelyn❤️ E 0 likes

Yes I got so scared, I thought I had no worries 😔

Danie M 1 like

I've heard after a year.. My son stopped breathing a couple weeks before his first birthday but thankfully I have a movement monitor so the alarm went off when he stopped (he's ok, I picked him up and he started again)

Laura D 0 likes

A year

Aaren G 2 likes

Technically it's no longer a risk after a year but that doesn't mean safe sleep habits should cease. They are most at risk between birth and four months. If you are implementing safe sleep practices (only having baby sleep in crib with nothing but a fitted crib sheet and a sleep sack, no blanket) there is nothing more you can do. I'm a nurse and unfortunately have seen/heard a lot of horrors due to unsafe sleep which just to clarify is not SIDS, which is rare. The causes of SIDS are unknown.

Marianne M 2 likes

SIDS us a risk through the first year, but drops a lot after 6 months. The back to sleep campaign has reduced SIDS by 75%, but safe sleep is important no matter what. The incidents of SIDS are lower with parents who bed share, bc baby matches mamas breathing patterns. Most cases happen with baby alone in their crib.

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