At what age did your chid go into a toddler bed?

Danie M 0 likes

15 months for both my older kids

Sithia P 0 likes


V R 0 likes

16 months

Danielle O 0 likes

my son is 21 months and still sleeps with me 😭

Sydney M 1 like


Billie W 0 likes

19 mo

Katie C 1 like


Nicole C 0 likes

My son was 2 but after a while I felt more comfy co sleeping 😊

Sue M 0 likes

My dd was 18 months old and moved into a big girl bed! My ds is 27 months and still in his crib. I think it depends on the child. No set age really!!

Mama J 0 likes

18.5mo. He did awesome!

Caitlin V 0 likes

Older was 2 and younger hasn't moved yet. But we plan to move him after his second birthday. :)

Tania T 0 likes

I switched her over at 10 months

Jen J 0 likes

A little past 3 years old. I waited so long because he just loved his crib & slept well in it so I didn't want to change anything.


10 months old, was room sharing though.

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