At what age did you stop swaddling your baby at night?

Mommy M 1 like

1 month

Haley W 1 like

2 months

Jessica M 1 like

I did sleep training a bit early, at 3 months, so I stopped swaddling then.

Danielle 1 like

Around 2 months. Now we use an aden and anais sleep sack. It is like a tank top blanket that zips up :)

Marnee H 1 like

1 month. He would get to hot.

Carolynn V 1 like

6 months for my first because she loved it, and I never swaddled my second because it was summer time and too hot

Corinne H 1 like

1 month because he started to hate it. But I tried it again tonight (he's 4.5 months) and he's been asleep for 6 hours so far. Works great now!

Linsi M 1 like

Shortly after we came home from the hospital. I didn't want them to be come dependent on swaddling in order to sleep

Alyson ? 1 like

My daughter hated being swaddled. She always untucked herself somehow and she would cry terribly when she was swaddled up. We stopped asap lol

Garcia 1 like

3 weeks

M P 1 like

I stopped around 2 months and then started using a sleep sack. I didn't really do it on purpose but didn't swaddle him one night and he was fine so continued not to do it!

Cara F 1 like

3 months but we still put the sleep sacks on him, he's 10 mo!

JVP 2 likes

I never swaddled. Lol. Never learned how. But I would assume you should stop once the baby learns to turn onto tummy.

Kimberly H 1 like

2 months but she still pulls her security blanket close to Sleep

Karla D 1 like

My twins are almost 5 months and I still swaddle.

D T 1 like

5 months

Isabella M 1 like

Like five weeks.

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