At what age did you stop swaddling ?

Raquel B 1 like

I don't like swaddling. I did it for less than a month, and cut it out after that

Jill N 0 likes

I stopped to at one month but it seems like now at almost 4 months she needs to be swaddled again . Sometimes she is restless

Ilana M 1 like

I moved to a 1 arm swaddle around 4 months bc they can roll over and still have the freedom to eat their hands.

Raquel B 1 like

If you don't do it now I wouldn't start it again bc the Moro (startle) reflex usually stops at about 6 months anyway.

Carrie W 1 like

My babies three months and I swaddle her with her arms out. Gives her freedom but still secure

Aprilbaby 1 like

Never swaddled my little one wouldn't stay in one from the beginning. Even the nurses in the hospital couldn't make one good enough to keep his arms in. He loves his arms out.

Lori A 1 like

We are at 4 months old still swaddling using the Miracle Blanket. Will continue to use until he either rips out of it or gets too big. Hopefully in the next few months his startle reflex will relax a bit and we can stop swaddling. But for now we love it!

?Amanda? B 1 like

My daughter likes to stretch do we don't swaddled her. Probably stopped at 1 month.

Karrine D 1 like

I think it was roughly around 1 month old for both of my LOs. When you notice they start trying to kick it off is when you should probably let it go.

Alecia M 0 likes

I only swaddle my 4.5 month old when he's having a bad night, and I only swaddle the arms

Maricela Z 1 like

We did till age 1 1/2

Linsi M 1 like

As soon as I could. I didn't want my girls becoming dependent on it to sleep. I'd say within the first month I had stopped completely

Ali's m 1 like

When my baby started sucking her thumb to self soothe

Arlene H 1 like

Once she was like two weeks. She hated being swaddled at home πŸ˜”

Joy V 1 like

I did'nt swaddled my LO. He hates it! Lol

Jonica R 1 like

I stopped at one month but started at 3-4 months because he moved to much on his sleep and would wake up. About 5 months he'd get himself out no matter how tight and would somehow get it over his face while swaddled up sleeping

Nae M 1 like

My first child hated to be swaddled!! I mean hated it! So we never did it. My second child loved it. I swaddled him until he could roll over and then I would use the swaddle sacks with the Velcro and do it just around his tummy not his arms. We he would try to crawl or stand we stopped swaddling so I guess about 6 months.

Jill N 0 likes

Thank you all !

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