At what age did you start potty training a little boy ? My little boy is 13 months. I was thinking about trying around 16/17 months with him. Do any of y'all have tips/advice ?


Boys Usually aren't ready until closer to the age of 3.

Momma B 1 like

My son is 20 months and he's not ready

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๐Ÿ˜ฑ that's a long time to be In diapers ! Lol My mom always told me girls are easier to potty train, however she's only had girls not boys so I didn't know if she was just being "a know it all "or serious .

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I potty trained my son at a year and a half.. He did great and potty trained within days.. I showed him the different ways he could go and let him pick, he has a mellow personality and gets hyper focus so I think that also helped a lot

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Maybe I'm in over my head. My family was asking me when I was going to start potty training him and they acted like 16/17 months was to long to wait.

Danie M 1 like

I would try it and see how he does, some kids can train early, some can't

Janae M 1 like

I'm planning to start when my lo is a year and half hopefully by then she'll be ready๐ŸŽ€

Mommy O 1 like

It took me awhile to potty train my son he will be three in October. He showed interested then stopped it took about a year off and on to get him trained. One day two months ago he told me to throw away his diapers.

Mommaofkj j 2 likes

we are going to start when hes fully on his own walking hes only 12 months now so when hes walking on his own we will start

Cortney M 1 like

We trained my oldest son when he was 2 yo. It really does depend on the child. We waited until he was ready and he never had one accident day or night. No pull ups or training pants. It never hurts to try but 16 mo is quite early imo. Don't let your family pressure you or make you feel bad. Every child is different and you'll know when your LO is ready ๐Ÿ˜Š

Misty H 1 like

My children ALL got a potty chair for their first birthday and that was their "special chair" I left it right in the living room and let them get used to it and in a way attached to it before I showed them what it was for. Your baby's mind is soaking everything up like a sponge. Really, it's NEVER too early. My son was COMPLETELY potty trained by his 2nd birthday. My daughter was 2.5 and now my youngest turned 2 in June and refuses. The training will happen when your individual while is ready.

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Megan Sutton I can tell you I have 2 girls and 2 boys, and my boys are WAY easier to do this with than my girls. You throw some Cheerios in the toilet and tell him its target practice, my boys will drink water to reload that gun and get those Cheerios. My girls... Oh hell naw. When THEY are ready, it MIGHT happen. Lol

Angie . 1 like

I bought my son a potty chair and potty book around 16 months ... He sits on it sometimes now and has "wiped" tiSsues between his legs (diaper on still lol) to pretend .. He's 18 mo now and the last month he tells us "poo poo". And brigs is a diaper and his wipes.. Nothing for pee... We keep showing him how we use the potty and tell him he can use the potty .. Just waiting for him to be more ready on his own

Alaina B 1 like

You know your child .. When he can recognize the feeling and can express to you .. Trying too early can be exhausting and pointless.. I have tried it all and found this is best method!

Jaimee H 1 like

I heard at 18 months they can "control" it

Mommamba N 1 like

It took FOREVER w my oldest. I have a fried that potty trained both her kids cold turkey (boy and girl) without little potty, without pull-ups in 2 weeks. They were 17-18mo. I plan to try her method.

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