At what age did you moms start discipling your child? My son is 6 months and is crawling everywhere and gets into our dog food and try's to eat it (I'm scared he's going to choke) do you think a light tap to his fingers is alright? Me and hubby disagree on discipling and would like to be able to talk to him about what other moms do. Thank you!!!

Katelyn❤️ E 2 likes

I did that when my daughter would shove her hands in her mouth when she has food she's 6 mo she stopped 😊

Katelyn❤️ E 3 likes

I didn't do it hard I would just say no and make a mad face lol

Sunshine F 4 likes

They are too young to understand. You can say no 1000x and still they go back to it. You just gotta pull him away and they pick up on it.

Olivia H 5 likes

I'm all for a tap on the hand. A lot of people will say that they're too young to understand discipline but will jump up and say they can understand words at 3 months old. I started discipline close to that age. Maybe 10 months (when my daughter became mobile) She'd try to stick things in her mouth and I'd tap her hand or knock it away from her to give her a bit of a scare. Didn't take long for her to stop sticking things in her mouth.

MJ's M 4 likes

Patience and repetition!!! At that age they are just exploring and don't really understand consequences. I would just redirect him or remove the food.

BoyMom 2 likes

At that age redirection and baby proofing is the only way to go

Marianne M 1 like

They won't learn why you're doing it this age. That's why we have to childproof everything. Until they are old enough to connect the punishment to the action it won't make a bit of difference. Just be consistent. And you don't want to be in the position to say NO to everything. MAJ is right. They are exploring and that's how they learn. Just make it safe and redirect.

O & C's M 0 likes

^^I'm with 'Johnny's Mommy'. He's too young to discipline. He's gonna get into anything he can get his hands/mouth on, so it's up to you to prevent that by baby proofing. Good luck!

Melissa : 1 like

6months is way too young to discipline! I agree with redirecting their attention to something else. I would surest getting the dog food out his reach for a while.

B T 1 like

I wish my 6 month old was moving around like that! Way to go!

Jessica S 1 like

I started teaching my daughter no around that age. She is just about a year now and when I say no she stops.

Amber S 0 likes

I would say just be consistent in taking them away and saying something to discourage them from doing it again. Honestly, at this age, they don't really understand discipline. But they do understand consistency. My kid used to purposefully knock out surround sound speakers over cause he thought it was funny. I would just pick him up, move him away and say "no thank you." It took a couple months honestly, but eventually he just learned it was a no go zone lol.

Holly S 1 like

Thank you ladies.

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