At what age did you LO stop napping? My son just turned 3 in November and he naps for about 1-1 1/2 then he takes forever to go to bed at night.

Nikki M 1 like

About 3.

JVP 0 likes

My son 3. My daughter 5.

Mel Marie 0 likes

My 5 year old still naps when he can

Cyn N 0 likes

My 4 year old still sometimes naps

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

A few months after 3 we dropped naps because my daughter took ages to go to sleep at night. We just moved bedtime up an hour to compensate.

Gabby S 0 likes

My son stopped at 1 1/2 😪

girlmom x 0 likes

My oldest was 21 months when we potty trained. My twins are now a little over 2.5 and still nap about 2-2.5 hours.

Ann A 0 likes

This sounds like my daughter she's almost 3. Shes been off snd in with naps kinda. Last night she had one after five for an hr or so and she wouldn't sleep after 1 am. I'd say don't let him nap after 4 pm at all and drop nap to one hr. Make way to dropping it to 30 mins. Both of my kids won't sleep if the nap is after 4 pm or if they sleep over an hr.

Ann A 0 likes

Also they were on a schedule went to bed by 9-930 woke up at 8 am! Now they don't to bed til past 10 pm and wake between 9-11:30 am. This morning they woke up around 9 am hoping to skip the nap and put them to bed by like 9-9:30 pm and get em bk to sleeping at 10 pm waking up at 8 or 9 am or something that's with a one 30- 1 hr nap. Hope his helps most kids need the nap to help em get through the day and do they don't get over tired and then can't sleep at night they also get overstimulated!

Ann A 0 likes

Oh and there are 8 years tgat still need naps from time to time. In general though. I'd say 4 year olds cut the nap!

Thalias Mommy 0 likes

Mine stopped at 2 i made her not nap cuz of the same problem at night took a while but now she's used to it only naos if she woke up super early or sick

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