At what age did you get your LO on a sleep schedule? My newborns been going to bed for the night between 10-11 usually, some nights earlier, but at what age do you usually establish a bedtime routine and earlier bedtime?

Karen D 0 likes

I started once he was 1month old and he got into his schedule perfectly by 2 months :D The earlier you get into the schedule the faster your Lo will get used to it :) my son is 3 months now and its been a breeze getting him to sleep at night :) sometimes i even forget about his schedule and hes falls asleep without me having to do anything anymore :D its awesome!

Naomi P 0 likes

I started between 2-3months. The earlier the better, babies like routine. It'll make life so much easier in the future.

Creative M 1 like

I started around 3 months. He's consistently going to bed around 7:30-8 An excellent book is The No Cry Sleep Solution So helpful getting my LO on a schedule :)

Sarah J 1 like

At 2 months. I followed her lead on bed time and naps and made it a set schedule from there. She's been following it ever since.

M. S 0 likes

I guess I'm the odd man out.. My daughter is 4.5 months and I've never established a routine, I follow her cues for breastfeeding and sleeping. She used to go to bed at 10:30-11 as well, but would sleep 10-12 hours straight so I didn't care... The last two weeks she's starting going to sleep by 8:30 and still sleeps until 8 the next morning. I have never needed to do a routine, she's established a pretty good pattern herself and it saved me the stress of forcing anything:)

Tiffany C 0 likes

What does LO mean?

Lyndzi E 0 likes

Use google and search "flipping a baby's sleep schedule"- you might think I'm crazy, but I actually flipped my little one( very slowly) head over heels and that seemed to work. She was like 6-7weeks when we did it and now is 10 weeks and now she is awake durning the day and asleep at night (most of the time).. But I would definitely Google it.. They tell you exactly how to do it ( I would recommend 2people).

Katrina W 0 likes

My LO goes to bed between 9-10:30 she is 5 weeks

Lauren T 0 likes

I did what Sarah did. I was pretty diligent about recording my sons eating & sleeping. He kind of fell into his own routine. It's still not perfect but helps me understand him so much better. My pedi said to start w/common wake up & bedtimes. Good luck!!

Linsi M 0 likes

I put my twins on a daily schedule between 2 & 3 months, but we had a bedtime routine established fairly soon after they came home from the hospital. Bedtime has never been later than 830 for them 😴

Erin J 0 likes

Mine set her own lol!

Jude's M 0 likes

Thanks everyone! My son is 5 weeks old now and thankfully has never really had days and nights mixed up! He will usually take a nap around 6 or so and has been cluster feeding around 7ish-9 or 10, so he will sleep so good at night, only getting up twice to eat, then after his 6am feeding we've been laying back down together and taking a nap til 9:30 or 10!

Jude's M 0 likes

I don't mind his doing down late as long as I can still sleep in with him til 10 like we have been but I'm not always gonna be able to do that so I'm gonna try to move up his bed time! So far I've just been going off his cues, but I'll try more of a routine to see if it'll make him tired if he's wide awake!

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