At what age can you do time outs and such? My 7 month old is such a bully. She's always hitting, scratching, pinching, pulling or anything else and just starts laughing when she hurts you. I'm always pulling her hands away and tell her to be nice and gentle but she doesn't understand. Any advice to get the monster to stop?!

Mommy To L 2 likes

She's too young to understand

Samantha C 1 like

Is she imitating someone she sees doing this? Maybe it would help to really exaggerate showing her how to be nice and not hurt others

Nicole G 3 likes

If she doesn't understand you telling her no she's not gonna understand a time out, my boy is 9 months and when he hurts me I say OUCH with a deep voice he usually reacts right away and stops whatever he's doing!

Kara P 0 likes

Yea you gotta just keep doing what you're doing and try to have a toy near you to distract her when she gets that way... Mine is the same way!

Katy T 0 likes

We've tried saying "ow!" Really loud or painful and she just starts laughing so loud. I don't think she's seen it anywhere.

Hannah M 1 like

My 11 month old is taking both of his hands and hitting peoples cheeks. He makes my daughter (10 yrs) cry!!! I think he is trying to play, but it's not nice at all. I ask him if we hit and he shakes his head no, and stops.

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Try giving her another option. If she is pinching maybe give her a toy that she can handle and pinch. They are still just exploring their new skills.

C M 3 likes

I just talked to the pediatrician about this. At this age they don't have empathy. They don't understand that their actions hurt. All we can do is say no and redirect them to a different activity. Even if it's over and over and over. until 2 or so they are too young for timeouts.

Olivia H 2 likes

I think at that stage that she doesn't understand that she's causing pain. She probably just thinks your reaction is funny. She should grow out of that when she starts to comprehend. As of right now I doubt there's much you can do.

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Kids are smarter than most people think. A baby as young as a few months can learn consequences for negative actions (ie throwing food during eating time) Check out Love and Logic books. They're amazing for situations like yours. And the books are for all age ranges. And don't worry, they're a fun read and easy read!

E B 0 likes

Par for the course, my friend. My seven month old has two sharp teeth and loves to bite! He also laughs when I tell him no. He has no clue.

C L 0 likes

She's still really young, but being consistent and saying "no, that hurts mommy" (or something along that line), will help teach her as she gets older.

Terri G 0 likes

When my son hits, bites, scratches or anything like that intentional or not. I grab his hands and say no. Very sternly. Sometimes he looks at me and starts crying sometimes he does it again. But he's 11 months now and he's starting to listen when I say no. And he hardly ever bites or hits us anymore.

K W 0 likes

Time outs will not work. She's too young. But definitely keep up with sternly telling her no. Emma started ripping the glasses off my face at about 7 mos. I would tell her no and grab her hand. Now at almost 10 mos when she grabs my glasses I just say no they are mommies and she lets go.

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