As I am slowly creeping towards my due date I'm having some anxiety... About giving birth and being a good mother and hoping the bonding process happens quick between me and my baby. I am a first time mom.... Any advice to help calm the nerves?

Cassandra M 2 likes

As far as labor goes- Don't read to much, or think too much about it. It really isn't as bad as its hyped up to be. Your body knows what to do... Just listen to it. When you reach the point that you think it's too much you're almost there. Once you have your baby in your arms nothing else will matter. First few weeks home are the hardest. Build yourself a village. People you trust that you can call with questions. If you plan on breast feeding, find a lactation consultant ahead of time (cont.)

Cassandra M 0 likes

That you trust. Again though, so much will come naturally. Trust those maternal instincts. Ask for help when needed. And the most important piece of advice- enjoy every moment. You've created a miracle. A miracle that will grow up before you're ready, but you'll be in awe every step of the way :) You're doing great already! :)

New M 1 like

Thanks so much :) that helps I have a lactation consultant oh my god! Of the reasons I want to breast feed is to help bond and adore my LO but i gets so stressful in my head.... I loose sleep

Victoria S 1 like

I agree with Cassandra, don't read much about it. Labor is different for everyone, and it's not as bad as you think it will be. To be honest giving birth feels like pooping.. Gross I know but you use the same muscles so that's what it feels like. Also once you have the baby you will not want to let him/her go! You will be fine I promise :) good luck!

Jessica V 0 likes

No body knows what they're doing the first time around, and we all figure it out :) you'll be great mama!

MAMA B 0 likes

You will do just fine!! Remember that we all make mistakes and we're not all perfect!! There will come times you ask us moms for help!! Don't be nervous your going to meet the LO who had been kicking you for 10 months!!! You will be a good mom we all are!! BE STRONG MAMA YOU GOT THIS and congrats on the LO!!! Do you know what your having???

Katherine B 3 likes

You are going to screw up. But you're also going to succeed. Over and over. It's all about finding a balance that's right for your family. And nobody has all the answers. Trust your gut over what other moms have to say and only get advice from trusted people. Also, don't be upset if you have a Rocky start. We all do, we just don't talk about it

Jennifer D 3 likes

You are going to do great!! Just go with your own intuition, and don't heed the advice of others too much. Motherhood is a wonderful new type of beginning! Good luck!

New M 1 like

No we are surprising ourselves.... Not sure what we are getting I just had a rough home life and I never had a close bond with my mother at all not my dad really and it would crush me if my child ever felt the same! I just want to be able to make then smile and have that drive inside to make sure all their need are met

Tania D 1 like

I have found motherhood is a learn as you go job.... Some intuition, some advice from others and some hands on. Anything unknown is scary but you will do it and find your own rhythm!! Good luck, enjoy and don't be afraid to ask for support 😊

Michelle S 1 like

For delivery...just have an end goal of a healthy baby. If ur having a good day u could have an easy, natural delivery. If ur having a bad day, things may not follow ur birth plan. Be prepared to be ok w/that. In the end the baby is what's important...not how you had him/her. Ask friends to bring lunch or dinner. One less thing for you to worry about and people always want to hep. Let them. Trust your gut...ur instincts kick in and you'll be GTG.

Ashley B 0 likes

As for bonding, request that the baby be put directly on your chest, skin to skin, right after she's born. The nurses can get vitals and check the baby while your holding him/her. Also request that no one holds your baby other than you ( this includes the dad) until after he/she has nursed for the first time. Then let dad and everyone else see him/her. It's was about 1 hr or so before my husband got to hold out daughter. He was fine with it bc he knew ahead of time the plan.

New M 0 likes

Oh great advice everyone!!!

New M 0 likes

Thank you so much :)

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