As a FTM I'm just wondering how you all feel about being induced and the doctor breaking your water? Is it dangerous for it not to happen naturally?

April V 1 like

I was induced and my doctor broke my water with my first daughter. She is perfectly healthy and I actually had a better labor with her than when my water broke naturally with my second daughter! Labor was miserable

Mariah N 0 likes

After a certain amount of time it does become dangerous, but I would wait as long as you could. Just my opinion but I induced on my due date, had a terrible experience, and they said I would've gone into labor naturally the next day!

Katy M 0 likes

My daughter will be two weeks tomorrow and I was induced with her and had my water broken. And she's perfectly healthy! I think there's risks with everything, as long as you trust your doctor you'll be fine!

Danie M 0 likes

I personally loved it, that was my favorite birth

Ashley L 0 likes

I was in labor for 21 hours and the doctor finally broke my water and my son was born 20 minutes later. They had to break mine because My blood pressure was dropping dangerously low because of the long labor.

Amber M 0 likes

I was induced and I never did dilate and had to have a csection. There are instances that inducing is the safest route, but if you or baby don't need it I would let it happen naturally.

Kimber R 0 likes

I went into labor on my own with my first but they did have to break my water. With my 2nd, I was induced at 40 weeks and 4 days and they broke my water. Both of my deliveries were fairly uneventful and children are healthy and happy.

Naomi S 0 likes

I didn't get induced thank God but I did get my water broken and it didn't hurt a bit, on the contrary every time I had a contraction it hurt a lot less and I felt a relieve.

Laura S 0 likes

I had 3 induced labors,(the doctor broke my water)and my babies are perfectly good!!! I think every women body react diferent.... Good Luck!!!!

Emily, R 0 likes

I was induced and had my water broken, everything went fine and me and baby were both perfectly healthy, but labor was rough because the Pitocin brings on such strong contractions...I won't be induced again unless it's absolutely necessary, that's just my experience

Kristine F 0 likes

My water was broke by the doc to try and induce, took Petocin to see if it would help but ended up having a csection cuz it had been almost 20 hours and not a whole lot of change. Kiddo pooped in the water so concern for infection was high so csection was best for me and baby.

Lisa G 0 likes

I was induced at 41 weeks and I still couldn't dialate. I had a c section and healthy 9.9lb baby boy! Don't stress every woman's body is different

Sarah P 0 likes

My doctor broke my water & my daughters just fine! :)

Leah G 0 likes

My water broke naturally and I was in labor for three hours two weeks before my due date. Perfectly healthy :)

Katelin A 0 likes

I was induced and had my water broke I was so scared at first but it all went great :) baby is a happy 2 y/o now

Eryn β 0 likes

I was induced at 41 weeks and had my water broken. I honestly had a great experience and my son is just fine. The only thing scary was his heart rate was dropping after contractions so if forceps hadn't worked I would've had emergency c section. I think he just didn't want out because I was barely progressed at 41 weeks lol

Asha D 0 likes

Let it come naturally. I waited until baby was ready which was 41 wk and 3 days. Best birthing time we had!

Rijvana P 0 likes

I was induced on my due date. Heard lots of negative comments about it and I was super nervous BUT I did not have a choice. I had to get it done and due to health reasons couldn't wait. Said that, no it was NOT bad at all. I am not sure y ppl said otherwise. Maybe everyone is different. But my body was responding exactly the way it should. Obviously water didn't break on its own but that wasn't bad either. On call doc (handsome dude) broke my water and it was just a little pressure feeling.

Rijvana P 0 likes

Oh also my son was born very healthy and still is! ☺️

Alisha R 0 likes

I think there is always risk with any type of intervention. But that being said there are risks that come once your labour continues significantly longer than your due date

Allison H 0 likes

I wasn't induced but was in labor over 48 hours. I was dilated to a nine and my water still hadn't broke. They broke it for me. It speeds up the process. Only danger I can think of is breaking it too early

Erin T 0 likes

I went into labor naturally but the doctor had to break my water. It went very quickly after that and was a split second and it was over.

Jennifer S 0 likes

I got induced at 39 weeks, had an epidural, and it was the best experience ever! Had pitocin & the doc broke my water, which really got things moving... I went from 4cm/80% to complete in 6 hours! Would do it again!

Mary Beth C 0 likes

I worked for an OB/GYN for 18 years and I'm all about being induced. I tried to go natural with my last baby and he ended up in the NICU for 10 days because he swallowed meconium from being overdue. My first two daughters were induced and born healthier. But that's just my opinion. Good luck, mama!!

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