Are there mom groups on Facebook

Jordan C 1 like

Yes, check out the BFMT groups. Breastfeeding Mama Talk. There are several different ones.

L's M 2 likes

there's this one too!

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Lots. Breastfeeding groups, formula feeding groups, BLW groups, new parents groups, SAHM groups, working from home groups... LOTS.

Olivia H 1 like

All kinds lol

Olivia H 1 like

Hot mess mom Breastfeeding moms (though I don't advise that one. VERY judge mental. And if you don't agree with them, the admin will tell you to leave the page.) Inked moms Formula feeding moms C section moms And so on lol

Tina R 1 like

Thank u all for the help. I'll check them out

Tina R 0 likes

I couldn't find the pregasaurus one.


Because it's secret. You won't be able to find it if you search for it. I think you can only be invited into secret groups by someone who's already in it and accepted by an admin.

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