Are there any safe detox cleanses out there, that I can do while breastfeeding? I like to do a cleanse twice a year but am nervous because I'm unsure if it would affect my 9-1/2 week old. Suggestions/feedback? Thank you!

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Master cleanser!

Wendy B 1 like

Water with lemon, lime, mint cucumber. You can put the first three together or just two of them. You can google it as well :)

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When you detox, you will be increasing the amount you are sweating, urinating and moving your bowels. This is ok under normal circumstances, but it is not ideal when you are breastfeeding. These three things can lead to dehydration, and combine that with an increased need for fluids, therefore it could lower your milk supply . Eating healthy and watching portions can do the same purpose of the detox without risking losing your milk.

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I was told NEVER do a cleanse when breastfeeding because the toxins end up in your breastmilk, then into baby. We sweat them out, poop and pee them out, makes sense that they would be in our milk as well. I would just eat as clean as possible and drink lots of water.

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Breastfeeding should really be helping you drink a gallon of water a day or more this alone should be cleansing you adding lime and cucumber can help! Just eat very clean eat meat like lean organic turkey or fish once or twice a day and load up on fruits and veggies with no seasoning or butter added and voila you'll be cleansing but still healthy to feed baby!

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Thank you so much! I'm so glad I asked for suggestions

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