Are there any other moms out there who are trying to raise bilingual children? My baby is 6 months and were trying to raise him speaking Spanish because he will learn english in school, but i've heard sometimes speaking both can get their speech delayed, should we speak to him in all spanish? I babe been reading him both english and spanish books. Or what did you do to raise your children bilingual?

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I speak English but my husband is Brasilian and his parents only speak Portuguese . We decided to speak only English because my Portuguese isn't that good. But many of my friends have decided to speak only Portuguese because they do learn English in school. My one friend tried to do both and her son just turned 3 and he has a problem connecting sentences and words he sees a speech therapist every week . But I know someone else who spoke both at home and her child was fine

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The best thing to do is one of you speak to him in English and the other one in Spanish. He will probably choose one language first and then later he'll learn to differentiate the other. My niece learned French and English very fast and at 18 months she was able to talk both languages. My nephew took a little longer,so just so you know every kid is different and they learn in their own pace.

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Good question! But in our home it's a little tough to teach our little one Spanish because daddy doesn't speak Spanish so it will be a mess... I wish my baby could learn both.

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I think being at home && hearing you speak Spanish will help a lot. Don't worry too much, just teaching him simple words each day will help as well.

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I speak only Spanish to my LO and my husband speaks English. I was a Spanish speaker until school where I learned English and was fine. They will learn as long as both parents/caregivers are consistent. Even if they mix two languages in one sentence when they talk its normal while learning. It's important to read books in both languages too. Sounds like you are doing everything right

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^ agree, each pick one and stick to it. A friend is a speech therapist and told me this. It's a good thing and a great advantage for your child. The believe that it might delay speech has been refuted by modern studies. Kids naturally speak a different rates anyways. I speak spanish and my husband english so we are both sticking to out native tongue when talking to the baby.

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I speak to my daughter in English and Arabic, I ask her the same question in both languages, she's 18m and she completely understands me and answers back, she knows some words in both languages and she knows they mean the same thing. To me it's important for my her to speak our mother tongue , she will definitely learn English living here, I am also planning on adding Spanish later, (would love to learn it myself!) but I don't think you'll face any problems, I speak English, Arabic and French

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