Anyone who has done the CIO method, do you have any tips? I'm afraid the inevitable has come, we have tried everything! Please no negative feedback, I'm already very upset about having to try this. However, nobody in my family is sleeping, the baby can't co-sleep anymore, sleep inclined, swaddled or in his pack n play anymore. He has been waking every single hour or two. I think he is just ready for his own space

Melissa S 0 likes

How old?

BoyMom 1 like

Have you tried letting him on his belly and patting his back or butt to get him to sleep? That's what worked for my LO. Also if you're uncomfortable letting him CIO alone you can stay in the room, have him in his crib and just hold his little hand or sing to him so he knows he not alone ❤️

Mrs. H 2 likes

Following ! I'm afraid this is going to be my last resort when it comes to nap time. The lo will only nap for about 30 mins & this makes for a very cranky baby. Everyone says on first night to just let baby cry for 5 mins, go soothe. Cry for 10 mins, go soothe. And so forth.

Boymom 0 3 likes

Okay this might sound dumb but what is the CIO method? I keep seeing post about it and I have no idea what it is.

Melissa S 1 like

Cry it out...

BoyMom 2 likes

Cry it out

Boymom 0 1 like

oh okay thanks!

Kaylees M 5 likes

I eased my DD into it. I would put her in asleep so she would wake up in her crib. Then I put her in almost asleep. Then I put her in awake and went in to pat her back and give pacifier every 3 or so min. It's hard to hear them cry but my DD only cried 30 min the 1st day of getting put in awake. And it only took that one day for her to get used to it. And now pretty much every time I put her down she is fine.

Kaylees M 2 likes

How ever many days you do each step is up to you. What ever you feel comfortable with. Yes age is important too. Under 6 months is too early. My daughter was about 6 months when I did it

Erika 0 likes

Get a rock and play. It really helped my LO with naps. I have the one that plays music and rocks upto 6hrs

Chelsea A 1 like

I did CIO with my son at 4.5 months. Recommended age to sleep train is 4-6 months. Best decision I ever made for my family. Lo is now sleeping from 8:30p-6:30a! Good luck momma! It really does work!

MikynDelanie's M 2 likes

There's a nicer method I heard of but a lot of work the first time. When baby cries go in soothe and rock until calm and drowsy but not asleep , put back in bed then when baby cries again you pick up soothe and repeat until baby falls asleep. It could take a few hours but it's suppose to train baby to learn to sleep on there own. I've not tried it but just read about it. The author said it took 126 times the first night or something like that. Sounds daunting but maybe worth a try

Raquel B 1 like

Let your lo cry for 10 minutes.

Cesty B 3 likes

I like Ashley's method so smart wish I would of tried that a year ago cio didn't work for us my LO is very stubborn n strong personality to say the least lol I noticed once he stopped teething badddd he slept better I hope u sleep mama

Erin B 0 likes

We started CIO when mine were six months old. They cried for maybe 20 minutes for like two nights and then got the hang of it so now they sleep wonderfully ☺️ just be patient mama

Brianna A 0 likes

He is 8 months old

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