Anyone told by Dr to get the DTAP vaccination for whooping cough while pregnant? I'm 34 weeks and have been told to get it, but concerned about possible effects on the baby. Anyone have any issues? Should I wait a few more weeks and do it closer to my due date?

Lexi M 0 likes

I waited to get it until after pregnancy. But I did get my flu shot and baby was just fine (:

Ashley B 3 likes

I got it during pregnancy. It's better to get it before delivering because your baby won't get the DTap (If you plan on baby getting vaccinated) until their two months. Getting the Tdap while pregnant will pass it to your child so they are protected at birth

Deleted A 1 like

I didn't get any vaccinations while pregnant. I think that's wierd. Im 100% pro vaccines but not during pregnancy.

Ashley B 1 like

Do research or talk to your doctor, I believe it's a good thing to do for baby

Dawn L 7 likes

Whooping cough is very scary thought.. Some babies have a hard time catching there breath

Taylor M 3 likes

I got mine at 30 weeks. The earlier the better because it will protect your baby as well! I didn't have any bad side effects or anything and was told by my doctor that it was best to do it while pregnant because the baby can't get it until a few months after birth.. I believe I was told 5-6 months

EL . 2 likes

Better to get it during pregnancy.Early, short-term protection is critical. Your baby will not get her first whooping cough vaccine until she is 2 months old. The best time to get the shot is your 27th through 36th week of pregnancy.

Michelle P 2 likes

Yes, I did.

Aaren G 4 likes

It's standard now to receive it during pregnancy!

J K 4 likes

I got mine around 30 weeks. You can pass it onto your baby for protection and I highly recommend that! I asked my family who would be around him a lot in the first couple months to also get the TDap just in case.

Zemog 1 like

Before I moved from Florida they gave me a heads up that we would need to get it before our LO was born and they also said the same thing when I moved here to Indiana both doctors said it would be better to do while pregnant

Drea L 2 likes

I got mine at 28 weeks. Made sure to do it to pass antibodies along to LO.

Mama B 1 like

I got it during pregnancy, my doctor gave it to me. My baby is 100% healthy. The shot takes 2 weeks to take affect. That's what my doctor told me.

Mama T 1 like

I read about it online that it was recommended it when I tried to make a doctor appt they wanted my OBs referral. I didn't have an OB, I had a midwife. She refused to give me a referral. In hindsight I'm glad she did. My baby had not been sick at all in the first year of her life.

Maya A 1 like

I agree Ashley M! Better safe than sorry! The whooping cause can be so serious and will harm baby if vaccine not taken while pregnant. It needs to pass on to the baby as well. :)

Deleted A 1 like

Okay guys idk where my mind is but I think I did get this! Ik you put whooping cough but for some reason I thought tdap was the same as the hpv shot??? Idk what my problem is 😂😂

Eva W 1 like

I got it. Babies can't get that vaccine on their own for I think two months after birth. Getting the shot prevents them from getting whooping cough before that time. Did they give you the information sheet? If not I'll try to find it when it's actually wake up time and send it to you.

Andy 0 likes

The whole point of getting it late into your pregnancy is so the baby gets some immunity too. I think I got it around 35 weeks. I understand the hesitance in getting it but at the same time pertussis in an infant is devastating. We periodically have pertussis outbreaks in Seattle. I'm also a pediatric ER nurse and have a higher chance of exposure. I did request a preservative free injection.

Laura B 0 likes

No issues when I got that shot. It's also good to get if you have a baby during the winter when illnesses are going around like crazy. I also read and heard it's a good idea for your SO or whoever will be with baby a lot to get the Dtap as well.

Out N 0 likes

My dr told me not to get it since it is not tested on pregnant women and they no longer recommend. They suggest getting it right after birth instead.

Linsi M 0 likes

I got it at 23 or 24 weeks I think (I don't remember exactly) & I made my husband get it before the babies were born too

Sarah S 0 likes

I chose to not get any vaccines either.. They just started coming out with stuff and it's not necessary.

K U 0 likes

I got the dtap around that same time.. No problems or concerns with it

Sabrina H 0 likes

No shots for me.

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