Anyone stopped using formula before 12 months, and just gave food?!

Laikynn's M 0 likes

I hope not because breastmilk or formula is supposed to be their main source of calories till as least 12 months

Olivia H 2 likes

I'm not 100% sure but I think I stopped formula at 10 1/2 or 11 months

Deleted A 1 like

Yeah same 10-11 but we switched to whole milk. She got the same amount of liquid just whole milk instead.

Dana E 2 likes

I did. I give table food and milk. In the process of weaning off bottles lol omg.. She is 12 months (had to pause the weaning tho)

Amber F 1 like

Honestly, if you're confident that the baby is getting enough nutrition from table food then there's no reason to stick with formula. Cows milk should wait until after the first birthday though.

Sofie D 0 likes

When did you stop giving formula?

Dana E 1 like

But I gradually switched from formula to milk (like half and half and then full milk) to make sure she likes it and most importantly is that it won't upset her stomach

Violeta K 2 likes

I have been feeding him reg food since 4 months old. Anything I would cook for us, I would put in the blender n feed the baby n as far as formula, I stopped at 10 1/2-11 months old n started to give him milk. It was easy for him to switch over. I'm having trouble getting him to drink from a sippy cup. He still wants that bottle. Doc advised me to put a little water n let him play with it. It's got his fav character, Mickey on it so we will c.

Brooklyns M 1 like

We transitioned away from formula at 11 months. Took me 3 weeks

Miranda M 1 like

9 months bc he was already stealing food from my plate lol

Dana E 1 like

Sorry I transitioned when she was 11 months and a half . Took me a week ..

JVP 3 likes

It is best to wait till one year and keep giving what baby needs! It's not recommended before 12 months!

Sofie D 0 likes

JVP If the baby gets enough nutrition thru food, there is no need for formula.

JVP 1 like

You are absolutely wrong! (: there is a need until 12 months and following whole milk up to two years. U can transition to milk at 11, but it's not recommended but kids need milk.

Sofie D 0 likes

So the whole country if Sweden, where I grew up, is then wrong! There you breastfeed or formula feed until the child is eating enough solids to get its nutrition. Wether that is 8 months or 12, doesn't matter. All my friends who still live there stopped bf at 8 months. And gave just food! They are all thriving! Every country's research is different!

JVP 1 like

I'm from Poland. Not too far. ;) they bf up to a year if not over. But I guess. If your going by what u know by all means do it your way. (: your baby. U just got an opinion of how they recommend things here in the U.S. Milk plays a very important role with bone development and stuff. I didn't see a reason to skip it. My apologies.

Sofie D 1 like

Cool! No need for that. I was interested in everyone opinion, there for asking the question. My dd is 9 months and thriving. Thou I give less formula the recommended. The kid eats like a horse and has little interest in bottles. I might stop earlier, I might not. Didn't mean to come across as defense.

JVP 1 like

I guess as long as baby gets dairy through yogurt and cheese. (: also from what I remember the quality of food in Europe is so much better. Lol.

Sofie D 1 like

Oh god yes! I moved here when I was 21, I'm 29 now. And I still miss it so much. The food, the water, the air everything is so much better quality! What you do for love! Lol

G's Mom 0 likes

Pediatrician told us yesterday to start transitioning at 11 months to whole milk. Take away 1 bottle a week and give sippy cup

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