Anyone planning their first birthday party? My little one will turning 1 in May and I am planning the party. I have some ideas but just wondering what yours where?? Any inspiration would help!!😘 thanks mums!!

Kells V 2 likes

I just started planning my LO first birthday also in May and I have found a ton of super cute ideas on Pinterest omg so many I can't narrow them down

Mariah N 3 likes

I did little man turns one. Mustaches and bow ties. It was super cute ❀️

Pam V 3 likes

I just attended the cutest party ever!!! The theme was Where the Wild Things Are. Super creative and you don't see a lot of parties with this theme which made it awesome

May Mama C 1 like

Mustaches is a super cute idea!!! We settled on airplane theme but it's kinda hard to find stuff for it and I am not very artistic. Did you mamas make the decorations or where did you buy them?

Candace J 0 likes

Maybe alil party at the beach?

Sarah C 1 like

My son will also be one in May and we are doing Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme.

Melanie L 2 likes

I just started a topic about this too. Weird! I'm trying to plan mine according to what he likes and is into. I honestly don't care how cute it is to me, but that he likes it. If he were into spiders unfortunately that is what the theme would be.

Rachel B 2 likes

My DD's 1st BDay is in May also. I'm so excited to throw her 1st BDay party!! We're having a BBQ & I'm going to try to have activities to keep the kids entertained. I found a lot of cute decorations & stuff for goody bags at the $ Store.

Tay B 1 like

Mine was easy because my son was obsessed with Mickey Mouse at that age. I used the Mickey first birthday party supplies. I got balloons, wall decorations, table decorations, a little decoration package for his high chair (for when he ate his baby cake), a cake topper, and favors. We got pizza for lunch and a big cake for everybody, then a mini cake for my son. It was awesome! He might not remember it in the future, but he definitely loved it at the time :) good memories!

Mariah N 0 likes

We made a couple things we used cardboard to cute out a mustache and a bow tie and "I'm one" (then we painted it) We made our own cupcakes and did like bow tie pasta salad and stuff...We also had a little jar with note cards for people to write notes for him, which was super neat for our scrapbook. I love the airplane idea!

Tiffany M 1 like

My little girl will be one in May and I'm doing her party in owls it's so cute!!

Mariah N 1 like

We did get a couple decorations from hobby lobby.

Amanda A 1 like

I just had my son's first birthday party about a month ago! I did a Cat in the Hat theme! He loves the show and starts dancing when it comes on :P You can find some amazing ideas on Pinterest.

Ladybug's M 1 like

I'm already planning her's and she isn't even three months old lol. It will be ladybug themed since she's my little ladybug. I'll be doing red and black for the colors. I think I'll make ladybug cupcakes for guests and an actual cake for her smash cake. I already have ladybug streamers. I need help and I pity my poor hubby lol.

Michelle W 1 like

My son will be 1 in may!! Cant wait! I bought things online and shipped to me, also have some family going out of town this month so can grab my last minute stuff for me😊 his favourite colour is red so we are doing a fire fighter theme plus his uncle is one😊 πŸš’

Ashley M 2 likes

Buy stuff off of Etsy.

Amanda B 1 like

I did an Uno theme for DD! Made a giant 9"- 4 layer cake (green, yellow, red & blue all the Uno colors), did a smaller 6" version of the cake for her smash cake, got tiny Uno cards for cupcake toppers, MIL made a huge centerpiece cake out of cards and styrofoam cake rounds. Did banners with her monthly pictures inset on giant Uno cards, etc- it was so cute!!

Kara’s M 0 likes

Minnie Mouse.... It was so fun to get creative, and turned out so cute!! Ideas found on Pinterest

May Mama C 1 like

I wanted the theme to be "Time Flies" which is why we where doing airplanes. He is not very interested in tv shows, the only thinks he'll pay attention to is the intro for the Mickey Mouse show. I wonder if I should change the theme?

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