Anyone out there have 3 c-sections? I have already had 2 and I am 9wks pregnant with my 3rd baby. Tried vaginal delivery with #1 but complications led to an emergency cesearean. #2 was scheduled... OB recommends #3 be scheduled as well. I guess it's been a while and my momnesia conveniently has me forgetting what the recovery process was like. I’m afraid to go through it a 3rd time around. Does it get harder each time or is it pretty much the same?

Heather 1 like

I've had 3. Third was definitely easier recovery than the other two. And I had quite a bit of time in between the three. I have 3 girls almost 12, almost 6, and 9 months

Thalias Mommy 1 like

My sister did

MadMax M 1 like

I've Had 3. The recovery Is so much easier the 3rd time around!

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