Anyone on the Depo shot ?? (Birth control method) & if so how is your period because i just started it in march after my period and now i started spotting & the pain and the flow is just ridicousely insane before the shot my period would just last 5 day max im soo donee with this lol HELP !! Anyone went threw something like this or am i freaking out (is my first time on the depo shot) 😓😩😁👿

Mommy Of T 2 likes

I have been on it for 2years and haven't once had my period but I'm due for my shot this month but not getting it anymore because I can't stop gaining weight and I might as well be pregnant because I have like every symptom of being pregnant and I'm not its just the shot

Tonya M 0 likes

I was on it for two years four years ago, I absolutely hated it! I gained so much weight, and the first two months I would get the shot I never had a period..... But the last month I was on it before I was due for the next shot I bled for a month and a half straight!!!! After I got off the shot my period has never been the same, even to this day

Lauren P 0 likes

I got the depo shot, had my "period" for 3 months and gained 20 lbs.

Rosanna R 0 likes

O heavens not even once u havent gotten your period 😱😱 i guess everyone is different but i herd if you stay long with the depo is not so good for your health but i swear the cramps right now might as well call them contractions lol 😁😂 gesh i swear this is crazy im up for my shot in june and im really thinking about it 😕😕

Ray B 1 like

I had the shot and it was horrible. I spotted all the time! And I was super moody! I don't recommend it

Ray B 1 like

I saw my OBGYN a few weeks ago and we were discussing birth control. And she told me straight up that she will never recommend the depo shot to anyone! At least she was honest unlike other doctors. It's bad for your health

Britney S 1 like

I think my sister in law had the same problem. Just be careful if you stop getting it. She got pregnant right after she stopped getting the shot.

Deborah D 1 like

My sister used to get the depo shot, and she had an awful time with it. So much pain during periods she would physically get sick.

Mommy Of T 1 like

Yeah I haven't had it once and they say not to be on it longer then 5 years. I love not having my period but the rest really sucks!!

Dianna D 1 like

I used to be on it and it took at least 3 months for me to work properly. I went through abnormal pains and still struggle with them now but have decided to go the route of no more BC and to just try to manage the pain.

Dianna D 0 likes

Although I take medication for pain and to reduce the blood flow as well, otherwise it looks like I'm hemorrhaging on my period. The depo I was on it for 3 years then had to get off it because it was causing my bones to deteriorate even tho I was taking caltrate, to avoid that but it didn't.

Rosanna R 0 likes

I got on it because my husband lives out the country so im staying for another month so i needed something to hold me the months i would be staying hear but i swear im so getting of this method i just cant i been spoting ever since and the flow is just horrible i cant stand the cramping i thought maybe it was just me but thank u ladys you have help me alot my doctor was like o is one of the best ones but i see the 1 % she aint mention the pain and all that the depo brings 😖😖

Dianna D 1 like

Best of luck! Trust what your body is telling you!

Henrys M 0 likes

I was on it for 3 years, 1st was normal, no period at all 2nd year then I constantly spotted the 3rd, needless to say I got off of it only after gaining 30 lbs as well.

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