Anyone know of some yummy smoothie recipes to make that can help with weight lose to have after my workouts? Also is it safe for my baby if I use protein powder in them sense I'm breastfeeding him?

Carrington G 0 likes

Some powders are okay, but not most of them. I like kale and cucumber smoothies.

Carlye M 0 likes

I make smoothies with hand full of spinach and half an avocado with banana and lots of berries. It's good and is very filling.

Brittney H 1 like

Do you know what ones are ok? Or should I just go for protein from my foods I eat?

Lena G 1 like

Herbalife shakes are great. I used them and I'm below my pure pregnancy weight!

Lena G 0 likes

And I breastfeed the whole time :)

Kathy M 0 likes

I use gnc 100% whey protien unflavored. This one has no artificial sweeteners in it.

Martha N 0 likes

Test the protein for a couple of days because sometimes it constipates the babies. I drink Herbalife shakes as well, my babies are healthy.

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