Anyone know how it works if your landlord is repairing the shower. Does he have to provide a hotel to accommodate being able to shower? It will be about 2 days we won’t be able to shower 🤮

JustinJr’s M 2 likes

Good question but our Lanlord didnt when we lived in apartments they just turned off the water on Wednesday and told us it would be available on Friday . I just showered at my job

Marina 6 likes

No I've never heard of them accommodating that.

Stacey * 1 like

I wouldn't think they would have to provide a hotel since it's such a short period and it's just a shower being repaired and it's not like you will be completely out of water in the place. If they had to turn off the gas or electricity for multiple days then they may be obligated to provide some type of housing especially if it's too hot or cold out.

Jessica D 2 likes

I don't think so. My dad never put his tenant up in a hotel the few times he had to fix stuff.

Mama J 3 likes


Second Time M 2 likes

Def not

Kim E 1 like

Nope, if that wasn't stated in lease then def no. That's awesome he is repairing tho. Some try to put it off and are not prompt. Thank god for dry shampoo😆

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