Anyone in their first trimester? I really want to continue to work out and sign up for prenatal yoga...My last pregnancy was 4 years ago and I didnt have such an healthy pregnancy. This time around I want to do everything different including breastfeeding. Please mommies give me as much as things you can think of that I can do to maintain an healthy pregnancy😊

Rebecca P 2 likes

I was always told to do what you're in the habit of as far as working out since your body is used to it I just wasn't allowed to lift or anything of that nature obviously and she said when I run to alternate running and walking and drink plenty of water ! That's my biggest regret it does the body SO good especially with your body stretching

Mommy O 2 likes

If you've been working out, you can continue to. Always check with your Dr anyway. I worked out until I was about 7months pregnant. Walking more towards the end. It definitely helped after baby.

Brit 0 likes

Just do it to it! If you're not too exhausted to keep active, do the yoga or keep up on walks/gym time at a slower pace if you haven't been super active. Try not eating processed foods and check on Pinterest/online for healthy craving replacements! You know how your last pregnancy went and what you were doing that time, make little changes with this one and you'll see a difference :) my next will be healthier too!! Lol

Mama T 1 like

Swimming, walking, Aqua aerobics, prenatal yoga.

Mama T 1 like

And each day drink half your body weight in ounces. Eg: 120lbs = 60oz of water

Felisha L 1 like

Exercise is healthy during that time. Do pace walking and lift small weights etc, but yoga would be good too :)

Shonie O 2 likes

Thanks girls! Yes Im going to do more walking and cut my push ups out because they are starting to feel like a strain on me. And sign up for prenatal yoga..Oh and up my water intake which is so hard for me😐

Emily G 0 likes

I liked prenatal yoga. I used comcast because tgey had quick sessions. No longer than 20 minutes. I think it helped with backpain.

Mother Of P 0 likes

Swim daily if you can! It's low impact exercise and does so much for you and baby! This will bring great relief as well for lots of aches and pains along the way! Stock up weekly on fresh produce and snack away! Freeze super healthy meals for your final weeks and PP. walking will help tons and try if you can to upper body strength! Research crucial supplements for moms as well! 😘💐

Amy G 0 likes

If you have been working out before getting pregnant most doctors will say you can. Continue, as for prenatal yoga that's something you can do regardless of previous work out and experience, I did it through my whole pregnancy make sure it's prenatal because there are poses and things you should not do during pregnancy also the teacher gears the class for pregnant women so it's slower and they use a lot more props such as chair and belts

Amy G 0 likes

I suggest taking a prenatal class instead of TV or online because the teacher can help with alignment and make sure what your doing is safe people thing yoga is easy but you can actually really hurt yourself if done wrong

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