Anyone have to travel to spend holidays with your family? We usually spend few days before and Christmas Day with one family and then few days around New Years with other family. We are 3 hrs from mine and 6 1/2 hrs from his. Our boys are 3 1/2 and 18 months. We are thinking of trying Christmas Day at our own house since they are getting bigger. Want to start our own traditions. Wondering what others do.

Kelsey H 1 like

My boyfriend & I each have a big family. We each have 2 sets of parents with their own sets of children & traditions. Usually I go to my fathers & he goes to both of his parents houses on Christmas Day. Last year we found out I was pregnant & decided that was going to be the last year (at least for a while) that we go to everyone's houses for Christmas Day. It was a nightmare! This year, with our 4 month old we are staying home&trying to create our own traditions. Not sure what they'll be though

Anastasia M 1 like

For our family we are all live much closer but we spend Christmas Eve with his parents, Christmas Day with mine but we are at our house for Christmas morning before going anywhere

Cancan M 1 like

My closest relative is a seven he. Car drive away. We swap every three years. But finding out we are not liking it very much.

A V 1 like

When I was younger we would have Christmas morning at home then go around to all the family for the rest of the day. I loved it! With my kids now, my parents come over for Christmas Eve and we spend Christmas Day at home with just our kids.

Crystal Q 1 like

All of our relatives are 5.5 hours away & we usually drive in & split time between both sides of the family - this year, since our little one will be 17 months, we're staying home, starting our own traditions. Christmas morning is all about the kiddos & I don't want him to miss out on that just because we're so far from family.

Perfectly M 1 like

I want to start a tradition with my daughter of the story of Jesus being told every Christmas morning. :) and a night of Christmas movies on the eve. By the way if you're worried of travel, I took my 18 mo on a trip long time ago for a month we spent like six hours a day in a car. She survived :). Got lots if sleep too! Lol good luck.

Michelle L 1 like

That's what we are going to do instead of traveling

Mr. And Mrs. C 1 like

Elf on the shelf is a GREAT and creative tradition

Christina H 0 likes

We are used to traveling. We fit in both families over 2 week Christmas break. So lots of travel. We are still going to visit both but want to stay at our house Christmas Day.

Christina H 0 likes

Thanks for sharing everyone! It's neat to see what others do for Christmas.

Christina H 0 likes

Raven that's exactly the traditions we want to start with our little family. :)

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