Anyone have experiences using a Doula?

Shannon S 1 like

I used a doula for my first pregnancy and loved it. The woman that worked with me through everything (I was a single teen mom and didn't know if the father was gonna show up or be supportive) was just amazing she taught me about pregnancy every step of the way, if I had issues I could call her any time, and when I was in labour she really helped me focus as best as I could. And for it being a free service to me it was well worth the time.

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Yes ! Worth the money... If you're going the whole natural birth I would recommend one. I almost has mine but couldn't afford it last minute she was my birthing teacher. I learned much I made w/out pain meds I was 8cm 2 days in labor did all she taught us it helped a lot I wish I had her while giving birth I think it would of help. I end up having an emergency c- section :/

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I havent I wanted my husband instead just to be very personal :-)

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