Anyone have any suggestions to help induce labor?

BabyRellO's M 1 like

A glass of red wine, sex and walking. It was my first pregnancy ... I was late about 10 days.

Kaitlyn K 1 like

Fresh pineapple and take a really long walk. Some people say sex works too.

Karli C 1 like

I took long walks! And I cleaned a lot. But try not to "induce" your baby will come when he/she is ready!

Michelle L 1 like

I hope you find some thing that works for you. I found that nothing worked for me the doctor ended up indoucing me

Sammy S 2 likes

Honestly, I genuinely tried EVERY trick in the book with both pregnancies and was still past due with both. It will only work when your body is truly ready in my experience. The *only* two things that helped progress me but didn't induce labor was Evening Primrose Oil and Sex.

Danielle S 1 like

I have heard raspberry leaf tea. I bought some to try when I was pregnant with my 1st, but never got a chance, my water broke the night I bought it. Worth looking into anyway:) congratulations on your impending arrival!

Nata C 2 likes

I was moving pretty heavy flower pots, planted flowers in the yard ( it was summer ) and went on a very long walk on the beach. Water broke 1am that night.

Kristen 2 likes

Baby will come when ready. Nothing helped me! Good luck!

Nga D 1 like

Foot massage

Candice T 1 like

Just be patient Hun! Baby will come when baby is ready.., unless your water breaks slightly like mine did... So I had to be induced but trust me the tricks don't work

Sarah S 2 likes

Go over speed bumps, sex, wine, and pear juice

Ash P 1 like

How far along are you? I ask because so many mommies get anxious, but they aren't due yet. Sex, nipple stimulation, meditation, and having an active lifestyle helped me start labor. However, when baby is ready, baby will come. ( sorry I know most pregnant ladies don't want to hear that - but it's the truth! )

Paris J 2 likes

Clary Sage oil Rub it on your feet, lower back, and run into hands. I also added a few drops in my bath water after my walk. My water broke 7hrs later

Jacinda S 1 like

I bounced on a yoga ball haha I think it helped. I was six days late but started bouncy on the ball and it came really fast!

Mellissa T 1 like

Sex, walking, squats, pineapple I supposed to but you have to eat a LOT of it I guess.

Ciara B 1 like

I've heard squats do it! I saw these articles abt it & saw it in Pinterest too. Here's a few links: Hope these help XO

JLiane B 1 like

Bouncing on a trampoline helped my sister. Lots of walking helped me and going up and down stairs. Nipple stimulation can work too if you're not in the mood for sex.

Yuliya L 1 like

Jumping jacks did it for me

Bridget C 1 like

I walked up and down the stairs 10 minute rested an hour or half an hour did this about 4 times and later that evening at 2am my water broke! Good luck! Drink tons of water or raspberry leaf tea!!

Jaclyn R 1 like

I know this doesn't sound fun right now but sex. I told my husband the same way you got this child in and the same way you get the child out lol.

Judi F 1 like

Sex.... I was I cm for wks had sex she was born the next day

Cassie 0 likes

Thanks ladies!!! I'll try a few and hopefully they help :)

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