Anyone had to give up a stable high paying job to be a stay at home mom? I'm on personal leave right now till Sept so I have time to decide. I've worked my whole life and never depend on my man to feed me. Right now we live on his income and he doesn't mind, but I know I still have a job to come back to if ever I change my mind.

Amy Y 6 likes

I didn't have to give up my career, but I chose to leave my banking career to be a SAHM and it has been the most amazing thing. My husband is grateful everyday that I am with our daughter!

Olya T 5 likes

Yes!! I managed a medical practice and was making close to what my hubby makes and we were living sooooo comfortably. I worked my way up and had my mind set on going back but once baby girl was born in October I just couldn't step out the door. I didn't say anything for about 1.5 months because my boss allowed me 1-2 months off but I knew that there was no way I'd return any time soon so I just ripped off the band aid and called to say I'm not coming back in the near future

Mommy M 1 like

I know staying with baby for initial years is a bliss ☺️ I left my job relish my time with my princess..but ultimately I would like to work..once my daughter will be two ..I will start working. But it's your you feel about whole scenario πŸ˜€

Olya T 2 likes

It has been hard and an adjustment for me who has always been out of the house working 10-12 hours a day and grad school at night and for my husband got now having to provide for everyone but the only things that makes it all better is knowing that this is best for our baby. No one can replace mama😍if u are able to stay home and money allows I would def suggest doing that. It took some time to get used to him providing everything because I like u was very independent but I say it's well worth it

K & A's Mama 3 likes

Yes! I was a Director of Alumni Relations at a university and was being groomed for a VP position. My husband owns a video production company but the income isn't consistent (feast or famine, you know). I made nearly double what he made at the time and held our insurance. I gave it all up in order to stay home FT with my girl. We've had to alter some expenses, though hubby's business has grown (thankfully). And personally, I would do it all over again. :)

Olya T 2 likes

But I should mention that this was not my career either. When LO is old enough and goes to day care or pre k I will start teaching

K M 2 likes

I was an ER nurse. Now a SAHM, will probably return once both are in school.

K & A's Mama 2 likes

And same here -- will go back to work in some capacity once kids are in school.

Katie R 2 likes

I didn't have to give up my career, before my husband and I got married we discussed this and we both felt that one of us should stay home for at least a little while. When he found out we were having twins it just made more sense to have me stay home rather than me work to pay for childcare. I can go back to work at anytime but man I would give up ANY career to be able to watch my babies grow and develop everyday, my husband and I are very happy and money can't buy that.

Cassie R 3 likes

Yes I was a district manager. I was working 40 to 50 hrs a week and making $2,600 every month. But I was so stressed out and cried everyday I was to busy on 12 to 16 hr shifts and not being able to spend time with her and having to stop breastfeeding because even at work I didn't have time to pump. After 30 days of that I was over it. Now a SAHM for about 9 months and it was the best decision I could have made.

V R 0 likes

Thanks ladies. I have a county job and It will be hard to get back in the system if I leave. Just afraid to loose all those perks lol! My husband makes way more than I do, but I have the more secured job, but you're right mommies, I should do what's best for my family. 😊

V R 2 likes

I know what you mean. I was making 80k + benefits. I really don't have to put 10-12hrs a day but It's a boring/stressful job for me because of toxic coworkers and I don't enjoy it. I wish I loved my job. My hubs wants me to give it up and do something else.

Baby M 3 likes

Yeah. I worked as a nurse manager and made 90,000 a year. Gave it up. We sold one car and cut costs. We also saved some when i was pregnant to help. I want to be home with my lo until she is at least 1

Kris H 1 like

Yes. I gave up my career, but I don't regret the decision for a moment. This is a time that you will never get back with your baby. They grow up so quickly, and honestly, some things just are worth it. My mom was a stay at home mom as well, and we always made it work on one income somehow. I guess it just all depends on what people want out of life.

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