Anyone had hair loss after baby? 4 months PP and hair is falling out at an alarming rate

Yvonne A 0 likes

Yours or LO

Baby M 1 like

Take b vitamins

New M 1 like

Mine did it was thick and beautiful whole pregnancy then gone

Mommy M 0 likes

Yes I guess everybody did..start taking multivitamins it will help..changing shampoo won't help !

Mama Of M*** and A*** 1 like

Vichy Dercos Shampoo is great but pricey

Rijvana P 2 likes

It's normal. It will slow down slowly. Take your vitamins.

G's Mom 1 like

Yup my hair is everywhere!

Khati R 1 like

I am 4 months pp and my hair loss is badly everywhere is my hairs no idea what I should do

Ali L 1 like

Yep. Totally normal. Some just lose more than others. All that extra hair you had while you were pregnant decides to fall out once your hormones level. I was told to take my prenatal again- Biotin helps.

Kathy M 1 like

I did for a year!

Nicole, M 1 like

Mine too I just started taking vitamins

Kara P 0 likes

It just started slowing down a lot! I am 8 months postpartum. Prior to that clumps and fistfuls. I put my hair in pony tails a lot which helped the hair not being all over my clothes all the time. But that also means when you take the pony tail out everything that should have shed that day comes out pretty much all at once and that can be a little scary. Stick it out momma it will get better soon.

Sasha D 0 likes

A friend of mine went through the same. Biotin made the trick for her. Its effect was just great in 5 month's time!

Kristine B 0 likes

Thanks! Just wanted to make sure it was normal for a fistful to come out at once

Tiffany C 0 likes

I'm 9 months pp and I'm still losing an extreme amount of hair. I was getting horrible breakage on the front sides of my head. The shampoo I got for it doesn't seem to help. How come no one tells us that hair loss comes with having a baby?!?!? lol

Roni M 0 likes

My hair is coming out so bad my family calls me bald-d-locks. It's so bold. Lol. But I'm BF & idk if I can take anything that won't affect my milk.

Chelsea H 0 likes

continue with prenatal vitamins.

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