Anyone had a child with a oral yeast infection? We are having problems getting rid of it with medication. She is a breast fed baby and I was sick for quite a while. During that time I took a lot of antibiotics and we are sure that is where this has come from.

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Maybe try some apple cider vintager. Put two to three drops in milk bottle to see if that helps. Also depending on how old your baby is try using a swab to clean the baby's mouth with listerine, but make sure it has the alcohol in it to kill the bacteria growth. Or even try a swab with Apple cider vintager on it to clean mouth out it won't be as harsh as listerine.

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Yes my son had thrush really bad because I was on antibiotics during labor. As soon as I took him to the doctor and got meds it cleared up pretty fast. Make sure you do it quick if you haven't already because thrush is extremely uncomfortable and miserable. I've known adults who have had it. Poor baby!:(

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I just realized what you said about the medication. Maybe try some yogurt? And also put the meds on your nipples too because it can pass back and forth.

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Thank you all! We shoot for yogurt each meal. It is looking better today!!

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