Anyone especially good at potty training/have their kids trained early? Tips and tricks?

Sunshine F 1 like

Patience! Keep asking or taking em to the bathroom every hour. Start with pooping first.

Julian's M 1 like

Following this! Need all the advice too!

V R 0 likes

Following too! 😊

Baby G 0 likes

Every time you go sit them on their potty. And be consistent

L M 2 likes

Boy or girl? If it's a boy, my mil told me she would put Cheerios in the toilet and tell my SO to aim! It's was like a game. She said it did the trick

Danie M 2 likes

With my boy, I trained him at 15 months, I showed him 3 different ways he could go and let him choose

Mariah N 1 like

What's the earliest age your kids at least grasped what you were telling them? I'm not sure when I should begin the process. And it's a boy!

Samina S 0 likes

I need to know too

Danie M 0 likes

My son was trained from the first time I showed him at 15 months... My girl I didn't start until she was 2 and it took forever because she was in her terrible 2 rebellion stage so I think it's easier early, he didn't even show signs of being ready, I just tried and and he grasped the concept right away, I more showed him than explained it though

Mo D 0 likes

Help me also my LO is 2 and we haven't got the hang of it

Jenn 0 likes

With our son we just kept trying different things to get him interested. He is very stubborn so it was hard for us. We did put him in pull ups and bribed him with M&M's and he was good about pooping on the potty but peeing was just something he didn't care. I finally got him some character undies that he wanted and it just clicked one day. It was kind of weird. To this day I don't know what did it, the pull ups that he didn't like or the undies!

Sunshine F 1 like

My son is almost 10 months and I make him seat on the toilet with the baby seats, he is a big boy so potty didn't work. I run with him to the bathroom when he has to poop.

Courtney S 0 likes

Patience and sticker chart works amazing

Sara 2 likes

Naked potty training. Look up the eBook Potty Training in a Weekend by Rebecca Mansfield. Worked wonders for my daughter who had just turned 2. Specific tip would be to keep focusing on celebrating the successes rather than reprimanding the accidents.

Diana M 0 likes

Yes the 3 day naked potty train work's perfect. My son was potty train at 2.

Diana M 0 likes

Google that

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