Anyone else's 3 year old boy overly hyper/active? What're some things they do that make them this way? My son hasn't been diagnosed with anything and I don't think he has ADHD.. I just think he has lots of energy!! Lol

Kirbie D 2 likes

My son is the exact same way. As I'm typing he is jumping back and forth off the couch even though I've told him five times to stop lol! I found lots of outside play helps lol!

Becky K 0 likes

Reduce his sugar and red dye intake. Ketchup is a bad culprit. Other than that, lots of outside time. Helped my over active one.......and my brother too (got this advice from my mom. Lol)

Lynn N 1 like

My son is 3-1/2 is way to active. There's no stop button on him. Because of his active behavior my sister thinks he has mild autism. I already have him checked. There's nothing wrong with him. He is just being a typical little boy. I also have little girls they are active too.

Marianne M 0 likes

I'm not there yet, but it might just be "little boy" ness. I've noticed big differences btw boy and girls. I did read an article in Parenting on food dyes causing hyper activity. Not sure what's in his diet, but check ingredient lists just in case.

Shannon S 0 likes

My son was a verryyyy over active Child since he was 3. He was very defiant, would not be calm and was very impulsive. He is now 5 but he started taking adhd medicine when he was 4 in the am and at night. He's a totally different kid. He's not all zonked out he's just able to sit and focus. Good luck

Steph B 0 likes

My 3.5 yr old son is the same, everyone says "oh he's a boy for sure" I think they're wired different than girls. Lol he goes 100 miles an hour, no naps too. 😧

Aimee L 0 likes

My 4 and 2 1/2 year old boys are the exact same so when they get into those really hyper modes I try to make like a game out of it until they run themselves out of energy. For example just earlier this evening they were just running and chasing each other all over the house so I made it like a car race they got there block and sticks and other things and we made out a race track...,continue next post

Aimee L 0 likes

we had a finish and starting line, they loved it and I made it were every time the ran around the track without getting out of the track or going through with out hitting something or someone, and without screaming thy would receive a sticker to put on there sticker board. Just an idea

Caroline W 0 likes

Red dye in food/candy can cause hyperactivity. some kids are high energy.

Jess B 0 likes

He's a boy. Lol they don't sit still or calm down much.

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