Anyone else co sleep? It's making me insane. My whole body hurts the next day, and we have a king sized bed. I don't want any anti- co sleepers comments please. This I the way we choose to parent. I am now wondering about putting his crib mattress on the floor between or bed and the wall though. Anybody done anything "different" to keep your baby in your room? We have a bassinet he doesn't like it though!

Kelsi R 0 likes

We sidecar my sons crib. Just take one side off of the crib and place it next to the bed. It works really well for us. You can also google better instructions for how to do it.

Nina T 3 likes

We co sleep and yes my body hurts too but its ok i like lying next to my baby. Haha. But we usually my husband and i on one side and let the baby on the other side. That way i can curl up in my husband and that save more space.

Amanda M 0 likes

My husband sleeps on the couch so our baby can sleep on the bed with me, we have a queen. I had him put the baby's crib in our room after we took out the bassinet. My lo would sleep in the bassinet until he was about 2mths and then when we moved the crib in, he started waking up a lot during the night so we found it easier to sleep with me. He is now 4mths and I want to start trying to have him sleep in the crib so my husband can sleep with me again

Amanda M 0 likes

If you have room in your bedroom maybe you can move the crib in there

Lou-Anne M 1 like

He is so cute!!!

Casandra A 1 like

Try a play pen? In the room?

Kim F 0 likes

I co slept (still do sometimes) and what worked for me was to alternate between having my son in bed with me and in his co-sleeper crib next to the bed. I found that alternating gave me a few hours to really stretch out but also be within arms reach of my son should he need me. You can find co sleeper cribs for a pretty reasonable price. Good luck mama, it gets easier

Samantha S 0 likes

I didn't constantly co sleep but did occasionally and we had my husband and then me and then baby since I would be more alert to his movements and baby wasn't separating me from my husband. I never had any problems. We also had a small cradle that was the same height to the bed right next to us which we loved and still use from time to time. It's smaller and portable like the bassinet style but more like a tiny crib. It worked great! Good luck!

Mary R 0 likes

I totally recommend getting a rock in play sleeper!! They are amazing and my little one loves snuggling up with me in bed or in her rock in play. They are really inexpensive around 30-50 bucks and are really nice with helping their heads from getting flat and keeps them at a slight incline for when they spit up

Carley B 0 likes

You are probably subconsciously afraid of hurting ur baby while sleeping so your body isn't fully relaxing and going into REM try some relaxation methods or even Sleepytime tea before bed.

Jenny B 0 likes

First of your baby is adorable ❀️, I also co-Sleep in a king size bed and it was great and all but I also wanted her to get used to her crib so I left the crib without the front part & placed it right next to our bed, she sleeps in her own mattress but i can still sleep close to her so we can hold hands in our sleep.

Rebekah C 0 likes

I co sleep with my 7 month old girl still with my husband. We have a full size bed. Sometimes I wake up with aches because I nurse her to sleep. But she refuses to sleep in her crib at night. So we just sleep with her and she sleeps throughout the whole night. It gets better

NYT'S Mom 0 likes

Try using a playpin in your room.

Melanie M 1 like

I have lots if ideas but it's 4am here. I've co slept with three still have a 4/7 in with me lol so I'm commenting to remember to come back to this In the morning for you :)

Kelly Z 0 likes

They make co sleeper beds that attach to side of your bed. It has sides all around it except for the side that is against your mattress. Try google image search. They look great!

Sharon J 0 likes

How old? When I co-slept with my newborn, we used this, but he was too big for it by 3 months. :-(

KW β 0 likes

I put my 2 month old in her boppy next to me in bed. I put a blanket over it so she doesn't slide down. She sleeps really well in there and I can move around without waking her up. Hubby likes it too because she can sleep in the middle of us and we don't have to worry about someone smushing her. :-)

Marianne M 0 likes

I co sleep and at first I had a lot of aches and pains bc I'm usually a back sleeper and I was curled around my dd on my side all night. Finding a good side sleeper pillow and adjusting our position a little as she grows has helped a lot. She still sleeps flat on her back. Now, my shoulder might be a little stiff, but I have some good exercises for that. I'm also considering side-car with the crib soon. She's 18 months

Sadie A 0 likes

Used rock and play the first few months and loved it! After baby outgrew that put crib like a daybed right next to our queen size mattress like an extension to the bed. Sometimes hubby also slept in other room if just needed more space. Babies are only little once so I'm all for co-sleeping despite the discomfort.

Amie C 0 likes

So do you want to co sleep or bed share? If you just want to co sleep you can have a crib, play pen or one of the side car crib/bassinet things; but I wouldn't put him on a mattress on the floor, that sounds like a plan for disaster considering he could roll off under the bed, get stuck somewhere, push up under stuff or just in general get hurt. These items, though, will keep him in arms length but not right there. If you want to bed share body aches are just something I've found you have to...

Amie C 0 likes

Deal with, no matter what you use, bc most of the time baby or whatever you use on the bed for baby to sleep in doesn't mesh well with normal sleeping positions.

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