Anyone else and their So disagree on where your Lo should sleep. Since our son was born he has slept in the nursery with mom and one of us twin bed next to him. First 3 months in the rock n play and last two months we transitioned to the crib. Now my SO wants to put him in an arms reach co sleeper after all the sleep training which I am not happy about. I like my bed and bedroom as the only kid free space in the house and want to keep it that way. Thoughts?

Kaylees M 2 likes

Yeah. I wanted to co-sleep and he didn't. But I convinced him to do it

Elsa M 4 likes

I don't let my SO make those kind of choices. 🙈 I'm the decision maker when it comes to our LO. I'm so attached to her, but I still sleep her in the crib.

Mommy And M 1 like

I feel like it also will undue all the work we did to get him to sleep in his crib through the night. She is tired and says I'm not the one who has to check on him all night but I told her just to bring the monitor in our room and we would hear him if he cries. She slept with her granny until she moved out and I don't want that for us. I want to protect our sleep, the baby's sleep, and our intimacy.

Courtney D 1 like

We never co-slept. Our daughter was in a pack and play at the foot of our bed since day 1 of being home. she started sleeping in her crib in her own room about 3 months old. I don't suggest co sleeping for many reasons and yes your bedroom is your one baby free zone, ours is.

Mommy And M 0 likes

Also I work full time and she is stay at home and I need sleep to function at work. She and the Lo can nap during the day if they want/need to.

Ava's M 1 like

Then that's what you should do!

Babygirl G 1 like

Dont undo all your hard work, i want to do the same i dont want to cosleep and i want to keep my bed at least as an adult only zone

MJ's M 1 like

My SO wants to keep our LO in the pack and play until he's 1yo. Not sure if that's going to happen 😂

Everleigh's M 1 like

You've worked so hard to get where you are now. I wouldn't put him back in your room, bcos you'd be taking steps backwards. Me & my daughter sleep on the couch. &I my bf sleeps in the bed. It works for us bcos he's a heavy sleeper, he snores loud, & it's easier for me to attend to her needs. He gets butthurt & lonely some nights.

Paty C 0 likes

100% agree with Elsa Moreno... I am the decision maker... My SO is the caregiver since I work full time during the day but he still makes zero decisions... My baby my rules...😂😂😂 My bedroom is baby free environment. From bassinet to the crib. I co-sleep on weekends for the morning naps only, in the nursery... We have a bed in there (used to be guess bedroom)... But never in our bedroom neither at night.

Mommy And M 0 likes

She told me not to worry we would leave him in the crib but she still isn't comfortable with leaving him in there alone and needs me to sleep in the nursery some nights so she can get some rest. I'm fine with that, eventually I think she will feel better about him being in there the older he gets. She worries about him rolling on his face. She says she's afraid I sleep too sound and wouldn't hear him cry. He is still learning to sleep on his tummy after he rolls over

Danielle M 1 like

If your LO is sleeping fine in their own crib then honestly I would just leave them there! As they get older it's harder to break the co sleeping

Gunner Danger's M 1 like

Sometimes my husband thinks our 10 month old should move from our bed to his crib. Then he gets a night full of snuggles and realizes how silly he was being 😜

Gypsy Z 1 like

I'm trying to transition my 10wk into his own crib. He hated the bassinet (too hard) and the cosleeper (cause he could see us and thought we should hold him) so he was in our bed this whole time. So far we are two nights running!! 😊 but if my room could be child free that would be awesome.

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