Anyone deal with more than significant Hair loss. My lo is nearly 3. I'd Think the postpartum Hair loss would've Subsided now. I can see straight To my scalp. My hair is flat. I cut it in December And have barely Gotten 2 inches of growth. My doctor Said it was normal but I'm not biting that crap. I don't Have extra Stress. I don't Use heat on my hair. I'm Losing a weeks worth of hair each day. It's Insane. I can feel stubble of new growth. Please give me your best recommendation for hair growth

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Did you loose some weight recently? My sister lost a bunch of weight recently and her hair is thinning. Happens with weight lose sometimes. I wash my hair every other day. The night before wash day I put oil on my scalp and hair. It has helped it grow a lot. Had my hair dyed brown about 6 months ago and it was on to long and burned my hair off to the scalp. It's Grown back now cause Of the oil. I get it from Aveda.

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Mak3 W no weight loss or gain. I don't Wash my hair every day. Just twice a week which helps some. What is the oil called? Anything else that helps you? I also haven't Used color or bleach for nearly 2 years.

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Biotin with a multivitamin Helped me with hair growth when I was growing it out. Plus a trim every month. Juice plus chewable a whole food nutrition was even better for my hair skin and nails.

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girlmom x3 I eat quite Healthy Which does help to Keep My hair looking Healthy. I have used biotin countless Times and never saw an improvement. I'm Almost Ready To try something Topical Like women's Rogaine.

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Look for some ways online. Like avacado masks, etc instead taking pills or something. Might work better and quicker too

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Check your thyroid. I have hypothyroidism. My hair falls out in clumps. I only wash it once a week. And I only comb it once it week.

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