Anybody experience growing pains in their kids ? Want to make sure it is that and nothing else .. On and off our almost 5 year old has pain on her Inner thigh..

Jessica D 1 like

My almost 5 year gets them. He has for the last 2 years. Complains of his legs hurting at bed time or wakes up crying. It's Not every night, it's More like every 3 months for 2-3 nights in a row. Tylenol helps sometimes.

Mayra T 1 like

Ok so it's Normal 🙏🏻 I gave her Tylenol And it didn't Seem to help her .. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jessica D 1 like

Mayra Thomas it doesn't Help all the time, I wish it did. Massages help some nights also.

Mak3 W 1 like

My oldest has had them off and on since he was 5. Every few months. I massage the area. Usually lower legs and ankle area. If that's Not enough epsom salt bath. I try not to use meds unless absolutely needed.

Tiffany 1 like

My 5 yo son has had them on and off for the last couple years. Sometimes One leg sometimes Both. If no obvious Bruising Or explanation You can guess it's Growing pains. Almost always in the legs and many times knee pain. Our doctor Confirmed This for us. He even had them the last few days.

Stephanie B 0 likes

My 5 yo daughter gets them. She stretches her legs on the floor before bed. Motrin helps her too!

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