Any working moms also passionate about attachment parenting? I bf my baby until 7 months, respond to all cries, wear her in an ergo a lot, she sleeps in our room (but not in our bed until morning cuddles) - we've kind of developed our own attachment style based on safety beliefs & the challenges of being a working mama! Just wondering if anyone else is in that boat & how you make an effort to attachment parent despite the necessary separation. =)

Sydney W 0 likes

I tried that but it kind of back fired.. Now my daughter is 3 and wants constant attention and isn't independent at all.. With my son I didn't do the attachment parenting and he doesn't cry when I lay him down for naps, he's independent and a lot more well behaved.

Coryn P 3 likes

I've always been one to respond to every cry. I never realized people didn't do that until I got this app. My oldest slept in our room until 6mo and my youngest still sleeps in our bed. I don't see anything wrong with it. My oldest is a very independent toddler despite our "attachment" so I refuse to believe it makes them too dependent on mommy and daddy.


I never let my DD cry even at 2.5 years old she'll throw a fit and I'll explain to her why she can't have what she wants and she'll say okay and move on. However she does fall asleep in my bed , which I need to break, but during the day she is very independent toddler.

Kara C 1 like

Coryn, I'm surprised attachment parenting isn't more popular, too! It's a challenge to find ways to make it work with daycare, but I'm doing my very best. I have found that @ 8 months my little girl is pretty confidant, happy, and really only cries when something is wrong. I think it's a result of my responsiveness! Ashley, I love that you explain things to your little one. That's so important! I will do the same with mine when she's older. That's how they learn! =)

Perfectly M 2 likes

✋✋✋ :-) I cosleep. Still breastfeeding my almost two yr old. Tons of cuddles. Talking it out, no spanking unless she's endangering her life or someone else's.

Ri R 2 likes

My LO will be 3 months old and I get pissed when ppl tell me not to hold her and just let her keep on crying. Especially when she was just first born. I would say how is she going to trust you if you just let her be uncomfortable. At that little if she's crying , she needs something!

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My MIL didn't agree with me and my SO decision and said she thought our LO would be too attached and admitted she was surprised at how independent she actually is. My MIL lived in GA so she doesn't visit often.

Laura C 2 likes

My DD is 14 months old, her crib is pushed up against my bed without the front rail. She sleeps in her crib all night but it's just an extension of my bed. I respond to every single cry. I feel like she's a very independent little girl. I don't think it's hurting her to sleep in my room. I don't think theirs "right" and "wrong" I believe it's all about what works best for your family :)

Coryn P 1 like

My mom gets upset with me when my 14mo hurts herself and I immediately pick her up. I'm sorry but if she's crying after she falls that means she's hurt and I'm gonna let her know I'm there. If she falls and doesn't cry then I leave her alone. What's wrong with caring for your child? I don't understand.

Coryn P 1 like

And at this point I know her real cries from her fake cries. If she's fake crying I don't pick her up. Lol

Kara C 0 likes

Ohhhhh the fake cries! My 8 month old has just started doing them when I put her down sometimes! It takes about 5 seconds to distract her and she's fine, haha! It's all about learning to communicate w/ them. I respond to her cries bc it's the only way she has to tell me something's wrong, and I'm the person she wants to fix it! I'm with you!


my 2.5 year old does this fake cry and pretends to have a boo boo till I kiss it lol.

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